Chapter 453: The Manual For Flirting With An Idol (1)

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An Xiaxia covered her screen guiltily. “N- nothing… I’m just chatting with Momo…”

“Oh…” The fellow went back to playing the tsundere.

An Xiaxia peeked at her Wechat.

Su Xiaomo had sent her a frightened emoji. “Shit, you two haven’t done it yet? I always thought Sheng Yize was after your body. Does this mean he’s really into you?”

An Xiaxia was speechless.

Could she block this sucky friend now?!

“That’s the end of our friendship! Bye bye!” An Xiaxia wrinkled up her nose and replied.

“Don’t, Lord Xiaxia, forgive your humble servant~ Here, I have something for you. Open the files~” Su Xiaomo then sent her a bunch of files.

She had downloaded a variety of information on her phone for her comic. When she copied them for An Xiaxia, she accidentally copied the “manual for flirting with girls,” but had told An Xiaxia it was a “manual for flirting with guys” when she sent it.

Because she still had a deadline to meet, Su Xiaomo tossed her phone aside after sending the files.

An Xiaxia, on the other hand, studied the contents diligently.

Sheng Yize remained aloof and detached the entire time. He took her back home after feeding the little glutton.

He was sulking, still sulking.

Sheng Yize had “come pet me” written all over his face, but his adorkable girlfriend wouldn’t look up from her phone, which only aggrieved him further.

He had almost forgotten about losing out to fried chicken, but to a cell phone now?

Sheng Yize looked so bitter that one could almost picture grass growing out of his head. Only then did An Xiaxia suddenly seem to realize this, and she looked up with flickering eyes. “Sheng Yize, what do you want to eat for dinner?”

Sheng Yize was surprised. “Huh?”

“I’ll cook for you.” An Xiaxia smiled at him.

Sheng Yize replied cockily, “Oh.”

Come pet me! Was that all?! Meow~

If Sheng Yize were a cat, his tail would be swaying behind him now.

An Xiaxia happily went to prepare dinner while Sheng Yize sat there waiting with his legs crossed. He almost felt like whistling.

He had never expected An Xiaxia to cook for him… Wait a second, could An Xiaxia cook?

As if in answer to his question, a loud bang came from the kitchen. Frightened, he scrambled to his feet and ran in that direction.

An Xiaxia had black smears on her face and looked at him innocently with a cleaver in her hand.

The kitchen was a mess and Sheng Yize broke into a cold sweat. If he had come any later, it wouldn’t just be the kitchen she would have destroyed. Was she building an atomic bomb here?!

“Xiaxia, if anything is bothering you, we can talk about it. Don’t do anything rash! Put the knife down!” Sheng Yize said in a serious voice.

An Xiaxia pursed her lips. “But I haven’t finished cooking yet…”

“I’ll do it! Let me do it! I’ll cook for you for the rest of my life!” Sheng Yize had abandoned all his principles and dragged An Xiaxia out of the kitchen.

An Xiaxia went to wash her face like a wronged little wife while Sheng Yize cleaned the kitchen and began cooking.

When An Xiaxia came out of the bathroom with a clean face, she immediately saw Sheng Yize being devoted in his cooking. He looked so charming this way.

Recalling that manual, she swallowed, trotted toward him, and called out in her sweet voice, “Sheng Yize!”

“Hm?” Sheng Yize stopped what he was doing and the little woman pounced on him. She smacked her little paw loudly on the range hood and said with a serious face, “You naughty darling! You’ve caught my attention and you’re not going anywhere!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

An Xiaxia stood on her toes with much difficulty and struggled to maintain this pose of pinning Sheng Yize to the wall.

“From now on… You’re mine… Um, what – what’s the line after that?” An Xiaxia was flustered.