Chapter 455: I’m Like This Around You!

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An Xiaxia gave him a confused look. “What?”

Sheng Yize kept on sneering.

He finally realized now: the little woman was flirting with him!

“Why aren’t you working with me?!” An Xiaxia pouted.

Sheng Yize caressed her cheek. “I am. I promise I’ll do. As. I’m. Told!” He deliberately slowed down his speech, which scared An Xiaxia a little.

Before she had time to react to that, the room spun around her. Sheng Yize sat up, got on top, and pinned her down!

An Xiaxia’s eyes widened. How had that happened?

She was supposed to be flirting with Mr. Idol here, but why had Mr. Idol himself turn into a wolf all of a sudden?

“You… hm…” Before she could say another word, Sheng Yize stopped her with a kiss. The teenager sucked her tender lips a little harder than usual, as if he was punishing her. He even nibbled on them every now and then. The pain brought tears to An Xiaxia eyes and she pleaded repeatedly.

“No more kissing… Hm, I’m sorry, don’t…”

The bright light shone down from above, warming up the room and lighting up the two entangled bodies on the floor.

After teaching a certain girl a lesson personally, Sheng Yize said with a stern face, “Still want to carry out this farce?”

“I’m wasn’t!” An Xiaxia said righteously. “I was trying to cheer you up!”

Sheng Yize was dazed for two seconds and didn’t know what to say.

The girl squirmed under him and he smacked her buttocks. “Stop moving around! Flirt with me again and I’ll eat you up!”

An Xiaxia shivered and protested in an aggrieved tone, “I’m not…”

“You’re not?” He smiled teasingly and led her hand down his waist. “Are you sure?”

An Xiaxia blushed. “You’re shameless!”

“I’m only like this around you! Tsk, tsk, how about we do some really shameless things now? Don’t waste the opportunity…” Sheng Yize sighed and groaned, and was delighted to see An Xiaxia’s face go pale with fright.

An Xiaxia used all her strength to finally draw back her hand.

Her heart still raced at the thought of the hot object she had touched just then.

“You’re so heavy…” she protested timidly. Sheng Yize snorted. “You want me to get up?”


“Then tell me, who taught you all those ‘mischievous thing’ lines?”

An Xiaxia obviously wasn’t going to out Su Xiaomo. She shook her head. “No one.”

“Why, it was self-taught, then?” Sheng Yize gave her head a knock with his knuckles and said coldly, “What sort of lewd things are you thinking about all the time? As punishment, no dinner for you tonight! Let’s see if you still have the strength to think those things then!”

After that, he rose to his feet, dumped all the food into the bin, then casually strolled into the bathroom to take a shower.

An Xiaxia stood by the bin in despair — could she rescue some food?

She was starving…

It took Sheng Yize a long cold shower to fight back his urges. Walking out of the bathroom, he saw An Xiaxia nibbling on her fingers as she stared at the bin. He snickered. “Pull yourself together.”

An Xiaxia gave him a resentful look and went to bed grumpily after washing up.

She couldn’t sleep on an empty stomach no matter what.

To a glutton, hunger was the most torturous experience in the world.

Sheng Yize was enjoying a book. An Xiaxia’s eyes darted around; she pretended to be asleep, then inched her way into his arms.

Not only didn’t Sheng Yize suspect her, he even stroked her hair.

The front of his pajama top was open, revealing his muscular chest. An Xiaxia gritted her teeth and bit down!

Wait, that didn’t feel right!

She opened her eyes a little and was petrified.

OMG! She – she had just bitten Sheng Yize’s nipple…