Chapter 456: What Did Hell Ever Do To You?

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Shit… Shit… SHIT…!!

What should she do? What was she going to do?

She completely lost her wits and wished she could rewind time!

Sheng Yize frowned as he felt a strange sensation on his chest. He looked down and saw An Xiaxia lying there with her eyes closed. It seemed she had unconsciously used her teeth on him while she was asleep.

She wasn’t… taking him for a drumstick, was she?

Speechless, he pushed An Xiaxia back to her spot.

Hmph, she was too naughty today. He wouldn’t hold her.

Little did he realize how jubilant An Xiaxia was when he pushed her away.

Mwahahahaha! He hadn’t found out!

She inched back and held onto Sheng Yize again. This time, she opened her mouth and bit down on his muscle. She even faked convincing sleep talk. “Meat… I want meat…”

Sheng Yize pushed her away again, unable to say anything about it. Looking at the teeth marks on his chest, he somehow felt he was being taken advantage of…

He closed up the front of his pajama top, rubbed An Xiaxia’s hair, and grumbled, “I’m as hungry as you are.”

An Xiaxia, who was still pretending to be asleep, realized then that in order to punish her, he hadn’t had dinner either…

Sob … Mr. Idol, did you really have to go that far? We could have had a nice meal together… Now they were both victims.

Sheng Yize was still rubbing her hair when he realized what wasn’t right.

Since when did An Xiaxia sleep so peacefully?

On closer look, he saw that despite her peaceful face, her eyelashes were quivering. She was totally faking it!

Damn it! This woman! So had she given him those two bites while she was awake?


The scheming fellow didn’t expose An Xiaxia, but stroked her hair with even gentler movements. Sensing An Xiaxia tentatively rub against his palm, he smiled.

“Since you bit me, I’ll take a bite in return.” With that, he began to unbutton An Xiaxia’s shirt.

An Xiaxia was still wearing that shirt of his. After two buttons were undone, quite a lot of her fair skin was already revealed.

The girl flinched noticeably, but didn’t dare open her eyes at that moment.

Or he would find out that she was pretending to be asleep!

Sob ! Why did you have to bite him, An Xiaxia? That was so dumb! Are you a dummy?!

Sheng Yize removed An Xiaxia’s shirt with gentle and nimble movements. He then bit her delicate collarbones lightly before moving down…

Damn… He wasn’t going to bite her in the same spot, was he?

An Xiaxia almost burst into tears. She pretended to turn over and rolled to the other side of the bed.

However, Sheng Yize smacked his lips behind her. “I was just trying to figure out how to unhook that bra…”

Pffft — Mr. Idol, can you be any more shameless?

An Xiaxia turned in bed again, but Sheng Yize had already reached out with his hand.

Chu —

She had sent her breast right into his palm.

Sheng Yize was speechless.

An Xiaxia: “…”

Sheng Yize was baffled by now nice it was to the touch while An Xiaxia felt so bashful. She rolled on the bed again —

Thump —

She fell out of bed…

Climbing back up with dirt in her hair, An Xiaxia fumbled her phone out. “I’m booking a ticket now! I want to go home!”

Bye bye, you big bad wolf! Bye bye, you scoundrel!

Back at home.

Su Xiaomo whistled as she walked home.

Halfway, she ran into Qi Yanxi and patted him in a friendly manner on the shoulder. “Hey, bro!”

Qi Yanxi almost had internal bleeding. “Damn it! Brother Mo, I’m just an average weak teenager! Are you trying to murder me?”

“Like f**king hell you are! Since when are you a weakling?” Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes at him.

Qi Yanxi opened his eyes wide. “Gosh, what did hell ever do to you?”

A short distance behind them, He Jiayu heard their conversation. The corner of his mouth twitched involuntarily.