Chapter 457: I Thought You Like Him

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“…” Su Xiaomo was speechless for two seconds and smacked her palm down at him again. Qi Yanxi let out a cry and sprinted off.

Su Xiaomo sighed with frustration as she looked at her hands.

Why was she so strong… sigh …

A person with a genteel and easy air walked past her just then. Su Xiaomo’s face lit up and she blurted out, “He Jiayu?”

“Hm?” The teenager with his backpack slung over one shoulder turned back and darted her a glance.

“Teehee… Are you going home?”

“Hm,” he replied in his clear voice and sounded like he was smiling. However, Su Xiaomo detected a coldness in his voice.

She smiled awkwardly. “Oh, be safe. Bye.”

He Jiayu’s slender fingers gripped the strap of his backpack tightly.

She had just been bantering happily with Qi Yanxi, but when it was his turn, all he got was a “bye”?

For some unknown reason, he suddenly asked with a smile, “Do you like Qi Yanxi?”

Both were shocked by the question.

Su Xiaomo was the first to react. “Why are you even asking?! How could I possibly like that imbecile?”

“Is that so?” he replied indifferently. “I thought you like him.”

“No, I don’t…” Su Xiaomo looked shy, which was very rare for her. She stole a glance at He Jiayu and tried to guess what his question was about.

Was he jealous? No, it wasn’t like he actually had a thing for her.

Could it be that… he liked Qi Yanxi?!

Having read too many yaoi comics these days, Su Xiaomo’s imagination immediately ran wild. She began to eye He Jiayu strangely. “Are you unhappy?”

Heh, she could tell that he was unhappy? He Jiayu sneered inwardly, but kept his smile on. “No, I’m not.”

“Um…” Su Xiaomo scratched her head awkwardly and said, “If you’re unhappy, you don’t have to smile. It must be very tiring to smile all the time.”

At those words, He Jiayu’s eyes flickered, but the light died almost immediately.

“Alright.” He nodded, feeling that he had nothing much to say to her.

He strode off with his long legs and soon outpaced Su Xiaomo.

Only then did Su Xiaomo realize that she had said the wrong thing.

Those who wore masks all the time definitely wouldn’t like to be seen through.

She had thought she was being clever, but she had in fact hurt him.

Su Xiaomo quickened her pace and trotted after him. “He Jiayu!”

He Jiayu halted abruptly.

He had heard many people call his name before — indifferently, happily, sweetly, resentfully…

He had never found his name a pleasant sound, not had he thought it a special one.

However, his heart would always skip a beat whenever Su Xiaomo called his name in her bouncy voice.

Because it was a sound unique to her, anything she said seemed to become spectacular.

“Sorry…” she apologized in a humble voice.

He Jiayu felt his heart melt and he replied with a quiet “hm.” The teenage girl then added, “If you like someone, go for it! Don’t be held back by what other people may think!”

Since he didn’t reply, Su Xiaomo chuckled, sounding like a self-proclaimed close friend. “You told me once, you have someone you like.”

“So?” He Jiayu’s voice was very cold.

“Um?” Wait, He Jiayu had said that the person he liked was gentle, generous, and a girl…

Hm… In that case, nothing was going to happen between him and Qi Yanxi, then!

She patted him on his shoulder sympathetically. “That’s ok, I get it!”

“No, you don’t. You don’t understand anything!” The gentle teenager lost his temper for the first time. With those words, he stormed off and soon walked out of her sight.