Chapter 458: Will You Still Like Me Like This? (1)

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Su Xiaomo stood baffled on the spot.

Damn it! Did he have to be like that?!

Pressing her hand to her tough girl’s chest, she sent An Xiaxia a message. “I’m hurt! Awww!”

At this moment, An Xiaxia had just landed in Yu City Airport. Behind her stood Sheng Yize.

Their eyes met accidentally and both looked away in embarrassment.

The Sheng family driver had long been waiting for them outside. After they got into the car, Sheng Yize instructed the driver to send An Xiaxia back home first.

An Xiaxia pretended to play with her phone and didn’t talk to him.

At the thought of that “boob-groping incident” the other night, An Xiaxia felt like drilling a hole in the ground, stuffing herself into it, and hiding there forever!

Bloody hell! That was so humiliating!

Her phone vibrated a few times. Tapping the screen, she saw that it was from Su Xiaomo. She replied with an emoji and the two chatted from thereon. They then agreed to have skewered meat together later.

The car stopped outside the An family home.

An Xiaxia covered her face with her hands and couldn’t get out quickly enough. Sheng Yize cleared his throat, but didn’t see her off at the door as he usually did.

The driver asked in confusion, “Young Master, aren’t you going to walk Miss An to the door?”

Sheng Yize cast him a stern look, which shushed the driver right away and made him shudder.

Young Master was so frightening today…

Sheng Yize leaned back in his seat and looked absentmindedly at the view outside. Various memories flashed through his mind, all of which were warm ones.

He then recalled the unbelievable softness he had touched that night and the skin behind his ears turned pink.

That girl… had really grown up.

He watched as An Xiaxia walked away, absorbed in his thoughts.

An Xiaxia greeted the rest of her family and went straight to the barbecue stall, ignoring what a long and tiring trip she had just had.

Su Xiaomo was grilling the meat while wiping away her tears with a tissue, which frightened An Xiaxia. She rushed to her side and shook her. “Momo, don’t be like this! Didn’t you promise me you’d never cry?! Didn’t you say you’d be as free as the wind?!”

Su Xiaomo rolled her eyes. “I got smoke in my eyes!”

An Xiaxia was embarrassed. On closer look, she saw that Su Xiaomo really wasn’t crying, so she let go of her.

The two chatted as they went through their meat. An Xiaxia told her about what had happened in the foreign country, while Su Xiaomo talked about her doomed fate with He Jiayu.

“Why did I have to fall for him? Xiaxia, it’s so painful to like someone,” Su Xiaomo said mournfully.

An Xiaxia fell silent. She didn’t even react when Su Xiaomo took her glossy chicken wing.

She didn’t want to see her best friend sad, but there was nothing she could do to help when it came to relationships.

“What exactly do you see in him?” An Xiaxia sighed.

Su Xiaomo sounded aggrieved. “He has a pretty face.”

An Xiaxia gave her the finger. “You’re all about good looks!”

“I can say the same of you!”

The two glared at each other while they polished off a plate of meat each. Su Xiaomo then held An Xiaxia by her arm and announced fervently, “Come, let me show you a new world!”

An Xiaxia looked at the row of liquor bottles on the table and the men and women moving cheek-to-cheek on the dance floor; deafening rock-and-roll music filled her eyes. She said timidly, “We’re still minors and we shouldn’t be drinking…”

“Forget it! Tonight, we’re both eighteen!” Su Xiaomo handed her a bottle of beer. “Drink! Laugh and get drunk with me… I want to forget…”

An Xiaxia took a sip, but Su Xiaomo had gulped down a whole bottle.

Just then, the beer bottle fell out of Su Xiaomo’s hand.

An Xiaxia followed her gaze and saw He Jiayu on the dance floor. He had a girl in his arms…