Chapter 459: Will You Still Like Me Like This? (2)

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The girl seemed a little older than He Jiayu. She wore simple makeup and had a great body, which gave her a passionate kind of beauty.

Su Xiaomo stared at them for a while before bursting into tears.

An Xiaxia fumbled around in a flurry, looking for some tissues to wipe her tears. “Why are you crying… Jeez, stop it. Maybe that’s just a lookalike!”

Before she could say another word, He Jiayu smiled at that girl. A thousand white pear flowers seemed to blossom around them; it was a gentleness that didn’t below to this nightclub scene.

Su Xiaomo howled even louder now and she gulped down her beer. “Why did I fall in love with him? Why?! I – I don’t want to like him anymore!”

She had been so happy to just be the tough girl. Carefree and crush-free, she could punch whoever she wanted and live a content life.

Why did falling in love with someone make her so sad?

What was wrong with her?! Why couldn’t she stop liking him?!

The more Su Xiaomo thought about this, the more grieved she became. Nothing An Xiaxia said could console her and she gulped down alcohol like water, as if she had to give vent to all the negative feelings inside her.

Tears well up in An Xiaxia’s eyes as well. She clicked her bottle with Su Xiaomo’s, held her, and began to drink with her as her tears rolled down her cheeks.

On the dance floor.

He Jiayu kept the smile on his face. The girl in his arms looked up and gave him an appealing, flirty smile. “Are you sure you don’t want to go see your mother?”

“I don’t think she wants to see me.” He Jiayu smiled gently, but there was no warmth in his eyes.

“Such a heartless man.” The girl shook her head. “She’s in really bad shape now, completely muddleheaded. You can say she’s slowly killing herself. If you don’t go visit, she might die any time.”

“I see.” He Jiayu nodded politely.

The girl frowned. “By the way, the job you got me last time sucked! It was a nobody! You could at least find me a leading role or a major supporting one!”

He Jiayu only smiled in a detached manner.

The girl lost her temper at that smile and aimed a slap at He Jiayu without hesitation. “I hate it when you smile like that! You just keep smiling even if you’re upset or annoyed! Don’t you have other facial expressions other than smiling?”

He Jiayu dodged unhurriedly and her palm brushed past his smooth chin.

He didn’t seem angry at all. “The song is over.”

At those words, he let go of the girl and calmly walked off the dance floor.

Tears welled up in the girl’s eyes. Afraid of smearing her smoky eyes, she fought back her tears and watched as the figure moved further and further away from her.

Just then, the music stopped. The crowd on the dance floor scattered, heading for the bar or their seats.

Two howling voices attracted a lot of attention.

” Sob ! Scumbag! That’s what he is!”

“Exactly! The biggest scumbag in the world! Get him out of your head already!”

“I’ll take revenge! I’ll draw an ultimate bottom in his image and post it on gay websites!”

“Let’s pretend to be his fans! We can spit in his water and give it to him!”

“Good idea! We’ll put nails on his chair and let them go right up his ass!”


Many passersby shuddered at those words.

Gosh, how big a grudge was that! No wonder it was said that you should be wary of a disgruntled woman!

A few less smart guys whistled and went to strike up a conversation. “Why, do we hear broken hearts? Come, let’s talk about life and the future! We’ll tell you how to get back at a scumbag…”

A cold voice rang out behind them. “Move!”

Su Xiaomo and An Xiaxia, who were still crying in each other’s arms, hiccuped at that voice. They then watched with open mouths as He Jiayu showed up in his white shirt and black trousers, looking as dashing as a god.