Chapter 46: Going To a Concert Together With Him (1)

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After that, An Xiaxia couldn’t be bothered to say another word to her. She just turned around and walked away.

An Yibei gave Jian Xin’er an indifferent glance. Although he didn’t look angry, he had a natural dignity and power in his eyes, which made Jian Xin’er loosen her clenched fists in fear.

Su Xiaomo ran up and shook her fist at Jian Xin’er. “I’m warning you, if you dare bully my Dummy Xia again, I’ll beat you to a pulp,” she threatened.

Kang Jian didn’t say anything, but gave Jian Xin’er a dirty look.

Jian Xin’er felt like she was a clown as she suffered the humiliation. Finally, she dejectedly fell to the floor.

How… had it come to this?

She didn’t know how long she sat on the floor until a slim girl showed up beside her and said in a cold voice, “Jian Xin’er, how stupid are you? You couldn’t even get An Xiaxia kicked out of school.”

Jian Xin’er helplessly cried, “C- Canxing… What can I do now? I did everything you taught me…”

Li Canxing looked down at her with eyes full of disgust and scorn. But she still acted like a good sister, held Jian Xin’er’s hand, and comforted her. “Never mind, Xin’er. Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you.”

After saying goodbye to Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian, An Xiaxia and An Yibei went back home together.

An Yibei was a sharp-tongued and scheming man who always teased An Xiaxia. He had stepped up to protect her today, which was very rare and made An Xiaxia completely change her attitude toward him. Her constant addressing of An Yibei as “brother” was giving him goosebumps.

When they had supper, An Xiaxia treated him with more dramatic care. She kept putting food into his bowl and completely didn’t notice a certain fellow glancing at her.

Papa An smiled. “Yize, I heard from Xiao Ke that the three of you will be heading out early in the morning. You better eat more now. Airplane meals don’t taste good and aren’t nourishing, either.”

Sheng Yize and the other two boys nodded to express their thanks, then lowered their heads and went back to their food.

Halfway through the meal, a man’s singing came out of the TV in the living room. It was nothing more than a regular pop song, but An Xiaxia smacked her bowl and chopsticks down, flew to the TV, and cheerfully watched it with her face in her hands.

“Xiaxia, what’s up? Why aren’t you eating” Chi Yuanfeng was confused.

An Yibei swept his eyes over her. “Oh, she’s probably watching her Rong Che oppa,” he said with a deadpan face.

Rong Che…

Upon hearing this name, the expressions of the three boys of Starry Night all changed slightly.

Sheng Yize tilted his head and couldn’t keep his eyes off her. She beamed with a happy smile and looked as if she wanted to climb into the screen.

Tch, did she need to like him that much? Sheng Yize poked the rice with his chopsticks in a foul mood.

Suddenly, An Yibei said, “I only bought one ticket. Is it really okay to let Xiaxia go watch the concert alone?”

Everyone looked at An Xiaxia, who had a terrible crush on Rong Che, and all of them felt worried.

An Yibei just realized that he should have bought one more ticket. He hurriedly took out his cell phone, only to find that the concert tickets had sold out.

He cursed in a low voice, knowing that it would definitely be impossible to persuade An Xiaxia at this stage not to go. He would have no choice but to buy a ticket from a scalper on site that day.

Unexpectedly, Sheng Yize knocked on the table with his slender fingers. “I can get the ticket. I’ll go with her,” he said unhurriedly.


Chi Yuanfeng reacted intensely to that. “Brother Yize, why would you go to his concert? You know what he’s like…”

He Jiayu patted his shoulder. Chi Yuanfeng immediately stopped, but looked away indignantly.

“You’ll go with her? But you’re a star yourself, too. How can I let you take care of Xiaxia and not worry?” An Yibei asked, his eyebrows raised.