Chapter 460: Will You Still Like Me Like This? (3)

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“Who the hell are you? Playing the hero saving the beauty, are we?” one of the guys bellowed.

“That’s right. We’re in fact shooting a scene and you’re blocking the camera,” He Jiayu bluffed without batting an eyelash. One of the guys then recognized him. “Hey, aren’t you that toy boy of that group my little cousin used to follow?”

He Jiayu nodded to greet them and gestured for them to keep their voices down.

Those guys weren’t all that unreasonable and were going to leave after that. However, Su Xiaomo erupted all of a sudden, roaring, “Who the hell did you call a toy boy? You’re the toy boy! Your whole family are toy boys!”

The man she shouted at rubbed his nose. “Why, sister, are you still in character?” He had really taken Su Xiaomo as an actress.

Su Xiaomo had switched to combat mode. “Hmph! You’re not pretty enough to be a toy boy! You’re a mud boy! Muddy, muddy, muddy!”

The man was speechless and turned to He Jiayu and asked, “What sort of drama are you shooting here? Why is she targeting me?”

He Jiayu replied calmly, “Family drama. She’s playing a shrew.”

“Oh… I see now! Sister, you’re a great actress!” The man gave Su Xiaomo a thumbs up and his own bunch marched away.

Su Xiaomo wouldn’t have it. She wrapped her arms around He Jiayu’s thigh and said volubly, “I’m no shrew!”

He Jiayu sighed and rubbed her head. He then saw An Xiaxia giggle on the side while holding onto the leg of a chair and his temples began to throb. Taking out his phone, he called Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize arrived soon enough and promptly carried An Xiaxia away with a grim face.

Before she was removed from the scene, An Xiaxia howled at the top of her lungs. “I’m not leaving! Momo, I don’t want to leave you! Let go of me!”

Su Xiaomo waved at her with a handkerchief in her hand. “Don’t break us up! You’re my true love! Don’t leave me, my love!”

The entire nightclub watched this as if they were in a circus and sighed. “So true love really doesn’t discriminate… Those two men are outrageous!”

Sheng Yize smacked An Xiaxia’s buttocks and warned her in a low voice, “Cry again and I’m sending you to a temple! You won’t have meat ever again!”

An Xiaxia immediately quieted down. Eyes still watery, she cosied up to him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Luv you, mwa! You have to give me meat… kiss kiss!”

On the other side.

He Jiayu frowned. “Why did you drink so much? I’m take you home… Excuse me, can you let go of my leg?”

Su Xiaomo wrapped herself tightly around his thigh and wouldn’t release her hands. She said in an aggrieved voice, “Cutie, I like your thigh! Let me hold onto it! Let me~”

He Jiayu was helpless. “Let’s go home first, alright?”

“Can I still hold your thigh after we go home?” Su Xiaomo stared at him with unblinking eyes. The corner of He Jiayu’s mouth twitched. “Why do you have to hold my thigh…”

“Because I like you!” Su Xiaomo said with a smile, her voice never this soft.

He Jiayu’s heart skipped a beat, but he managed to keep a straight face. “You’re drunk.”

“I’m not!” Su Xiaomo rolled up the leg of He Jiayu’s trousers as she said this. “Look, it’s your leg hair and I know it! I’m not drunk! One… two… Wow, you have so many of them!”

She had a boastful look on her face which said “praise me now.” He Jiayu fought back his impulse to toss her aside and instead picked her up in both arms and quickly left the nightclub.

Not drunk?! Did normal people count other people’s leg hair?

The flirtatious girl on the dance floor gritted her teeth. It was the first time she had ever seen so many expressions on He Jiayu’s face.

Who was that girl to him?