Chapter 461: Will You Still Like Me Like This? (4)

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After stuffing Su Xiaomo into the car, He Jiayu was going to start the engine when Su Xiaomo swiftly moved to his side and pounced into his arms. She then wrapped herself around his thigh again, looking very content.

He Jiayu had had enough. “Get off me! I need to drive!”

Su Xiaomo wouldn’t have it. As soon as He Jiayu tried to peel her off, she began to howl.

“What on earth do you want?” He Jiayu had no strength left to even be angry.

“I want your thigh!” she said matter-of-factly before burying her face between his legs and dozing off.

He Jiayu’s face heated up right away. She had to be doing this on purpose, right?

“Su Xiaomo! You’re pushing it! Don’t think I won’t throw you out!” The mild teeanger lost his temper.

Su Xiaomo giggled and rubbed her face against his thigh. It was fleshy here, and so soft…

It was so comfortable leaning against it~

She was really drunk and couldn’t think straight. All she knew was that she wanted to hold onto him and never let go.

Call it seeking death or playing cheap, she simply didn’t want to let go of him.

Why should she? She was never the gentle and caring type, so what was the point pretending?

She liked him, so she confessed her love.

She wanted him, so she courted him.

What was wrong with that? How could anyone tell her that she was wrong?

She just liked him.

He Jiayu was almost aroused and had to fight hard against his human nature.

Pulling her up roughly, he pinned her to her seat with the seatbelt. He then said coldly, “I’ll drive you home. Sit still.”

Terrified by his tone, Su Xiaomo cried.

“I – I like you, that’s all… Cutie, you’re so mean!”

“What do you like about me?” The teenager turned away, the look in his eyes forlorn.

After a while, seeing that Su Xiaomo didn’t reply, he smiled self-mockingly. “See? You can’t even answer that question. Why would you talk about liking me all the time?”

“You’re good-looking.” Su Xiaomo timidly jabbed the tips of her index fingers together. “You look even better when you smile!”

That enraged He Jiayu, who chuckled in a detached manner, then turned to her with a cold face. “In that case, will you still like me if I stop smiling?”

“Yes!” Su Xiaomo nodded without thinking and giggled. “You’re still good-looking without the smile!”

“Am I?” The smile vanished from He Jiayu’s face. He then recalled what the flirtatious girl said and floored the gas pedal. The car sped off into the distance.

It then stopped outside a karaoke house lit up by colorful neon lights.

He Jiayu practically dragged Su Xiaomo in.

In the lobby, a few men couldn’t keep their hands off a middle-aged woman as they molested her with lewd words. Passersby eyed them impassively, and occasionally, someone would dart them a look of disgust.

The woman was remarkably beautiful. However, her eyes were dead. All she did was gulp down the drinks that other people handed her.

He Jiayu boiled with rage. No wonder that girl said his mother was dying. How could she not be, living like this?

Indignant, he went up to them and drove away those men. “F**k off!”

Those men scrambled off and He Jiayu summoned a waiter. “Please take her back.”


The woman grabbed his arm all of a sudden. “Is that Jiayu… Have you come to see me?”

“To see how cheap you are?” He Jiayu enunciated each word and somehow, he was smiling again.

“I… I…” Tears rolled down the women’s cheeks, but He Jiayu had already thrown her off. He then pulled Su Xiaomo to her feet, took her back to the car, and sneered. “Su Xiaomo, the crazy woman there was my mother. My own mother! Will you still like me like this?”