Chapter 462: Let’s Protect Her Together

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Su Xiaomo had never seen this fierce side of him. Cowering in a corner, she felt her eyes go blurry from her tears. She then gingerly tugged his sleeve. “Cutie, don’t be angry. You don’t look as pretty this way.”

He Jiayu pushed her away, feeling that he had done the most preposterous thing.

He must have lost his mind to take Su Xiaomo to see his mother!

“Why are you angry?” Su Xiaomo snuffled. “Are you tired from beating up those bad men? Next time, I – I’ll help you! I know how to throw punches, too!” She waved her fists and smiled brightly at He Jiayu.

He Jiayu covered her eyes. He didn’t want to see that unsullied look in them, for it would only highlight how filthy his life was.

“I don’t need your help. Just stop liking me. Promise me, Su Xiaomo. You’re such a nice girl and you deserve someone better. I’ll forget all about your confession of love and if you like Qi Yanxi, I can help you get him.”

Stop trying to enter his world. He had worked so hard to put on this mask, but she could always see through him in the first instance.

With her eyes covered, Su Xiaomo felt her world go dark. Despite her inebriated state, she reached out for He Jiayu, clinging to a single obsession.

“I like you. No matter what kind of person you are, I still like you.

“From now on, let’s protect her together. Deal?”

The top light switched off just then. In the darkness, tears welled up in He Jiayu’s eyes without warning.

There was no sympathy, no disdain, or reprimand in her voice.

All she gave him was a “let’s protect her together.”

He murmured, “Don’t be so foolish. I’m not worth it.”

She was so good, but he wasn’t good enough.

He had denied her affection not because he didn’t like her. It was just that he didn’t want her to fall in love with a man who wasn’t good enough.

Su Xiaomo waved her hands around stubbornly and accidentally touched his face.

She felt something wet and was confused. “Are you crying?”

The teenager looked away awkwardly. “I’m not!”

She drew back her hand and licked her fingertips. “It’s salty! You’re crying!”

“I’m not!” he stressed.

Su Xiaomo acknowledged that with an “oh,” then mumbled to herself, “Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t worry. If you are, just hold my hand. Nothing scares me!”

“Idiot!” He Jiayu snorted and started the car. “One more word and I’m throwing you out!”

Su Xiaomo groaned and began a drunken racket. She chuckled. “Cutie, are you mad because I said what you were thinking? Come, I’ll give you the honor of sharing my bed tonight. Let’s do it seven times~”

He Jiayu hit the brakes hard. “That’s enough! What the hell are you talking about?!”

“You don’t like it?” Su Xiaomo smiled crookedly. “Then we’ll only do it once, but it’ll last all night~”

He Jiayu ground his teeth, unfastened her seatbelt, and left her by the side of the road with a ruthless “Goodbye!”

Under the vast night sky, Su Xiaomo looked at the suburban wilderness around her and was speechless.

He had dumped her here…

Something rushed up her throat. She bent over and puked.

Three minutes later, the car stopped by her side again and He Jiayu came out with a grim face.

Su Xiaomo gave him a smug smile. “I knew you wouldn’t leave me behind… Do you want a chicken wing?” She found part of an undigested chicken wing in her stomach contents and waved it at He Jiayu.

He Jiayu was speechless.