Chapter 463: I Want To Sleep With You

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Seeing that he wouldn’t answer, Su Xiaomo blinked and said, “You don’t like chicken wings? Wait, let me find you something else.”

He Jiayu almost fainted at the sight of the pool of disgusting vomit.

Even an idiot wouldn’t eat it!

He caught her hand in time and wiped it clean with a tissue, then said seriously, “Let’s play a game. The first one to speak will call out ‘I’m an imbecile’ three times!

Su Xiaomo nodded repeatedly, playing into He Jiayu’s hands. He then got the inebriated girl into his car and secretly gave himself a thumbs up.

He had finally nailed it.

The An family.

An Xiaxia had wrapped herself around Sheng Yize like a koala bear and kept asking for “hugs and kiss kiss” adorably.

In a normal situation, Sheng Yize would be delighted by this good fortune and jump at this opportunity.

However… they were standing outside the An family home now.

Papa An had a ladle in his hand while An Yibei held a kitchen knife. Father and son eyed the couple with unblinking eyes.

They had been making some late night snacks when they had heard the noise and came down to pick up their girl. That was when they witnessed this embarrassing scene.

“Why won’t you kiss me… Have you stopped loving me…” An Xiaxia said in a pitiful, saccharine tone.

Sheng Yize cleared his throat. “There, there. Get down. We’re home.”

An Xiaxia pouted. “No! I won’t! Xiaxia is going nowhere until you give Xiaxia a kiss!”

“Heh.” An Yibei sneered and waved the knife in his hand.

Sheng Yize felt that he was in so much trouble. Summoning up his courage, he pecked An Xiaxia on her cheek and cajoled, “There. Now, go in.”

An Xiaxia touched her face and shook her head, discontent. “I don’t want that kiss kiss. I want the usual kiss kiss…”

She tilted her head and tried to find the right words. “It’s that kiss kiss — with tongue… it’s sweet… hm…”

Sheng Yize covered her mouth and stole a glance at An Yibei, who slowly recited a line. “I once killed a person from ten steps away, but I’ve been defeated by the look in your eyes.”

It was a line taken from the internet which was attributed to Jin Ke, the famous assassin who had tried to kill Qin Shi Huang 1 , and Sheng Yize broke into a cold sweat at those words. An Xiaxia held onto his neck and said inarticulately, “I want to sleep with you…”

“Sure, sure. Sleep, let’s sleep.” Sheng Yize carried her to her room at lightning speed, tossed her on the bed, and wrapped her duvet tightly around her. The drunk An Xiaxia couldn’t struggle out of it, and after smacking her lips for a while, she gradually fell asleep.

Sheng Yize felt as if a load had been lifted off him. He walked out and closed the door behind him. An Yibei stood outside. The knife in his hand was gone, but his face remained as cold and detached as ever.

“Brother An…” Sheng Yize greeted him politely. An Yibei glared at him. “So you’re a tough guy now, are you? Do you think there’s no one left in our An family now? How dare you take my sister out drinking? I need my knife. Where is my knife?!”

Sheng Yize wiped at his cold sweat. An overprotective brother was really someone he shouldn’t cross.

“Ahem. I promise it won’t happen again.”

“Hmph!” An Yibei raised his chin haughtily. “You can disappear now.”

Sheng Yize was going to leave when he heard An Xiaxia’s broken sobs inside.

She was crying again…

Was she having a nightmare again…

The look on Sheng Yize’s face suddenly turned grave and he turned to An Yibei. “Brother An, I want to know what happened to Xiaxia.”

That set An Yibei off. “Who do you think you are? Why should I tell you?”

“I’m her boyfriend.”

“If I tell you, can you take the pain in her place?” An Yibei mocked him. “Can you take the abuse in her place and die for her?”