Chapter 466: Camping (2)

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She poked her deskmate Sheng Yize with her mouth agape. “Isn’t the Song Group Mr. Song’s company… Why would he sponsor our school…”

Sheng Yize snickered. “Don’t flatter yourself. You can’t possibly think he did it because of you?”

An Xiaxia shook her head decisively. She would never believe that Mr. Song had funded Qixia because of what she had said last night.

After she looked away, Sheng Yize’s face turned grim. There was a confused look in his eyes now.

He had planned to sponsor Qixia on behalf of the Sheng family — paying the bill himself so that An Xiaxia could enjoy herself.

But now… He couldn’t help but be suspicious of Mr. Song’s action.

Spending all that money to make a girl happy — that was awfully generous.

The camping activity was set for a weekend. An Xiaxia had almost worn her eyes out waiting by the time that Saturday finally arrived!

She got up very early that morning. Taking the backpack An Yibei had prepared for her and the two large boxes of food Papa An had made for her, she set out jubilantly.

After everyone arrived at school, they got on separate school buses according to their classes before they headed out for their respective destinations.

Each class had picked a different spot and Class C of Year 1 had chosen Yu City’s Wanjing Mountain, where the terrain sloped gently, the altitude was low, and the air was fresh. It was an ideal spot for a group camping activity.

The school bus drove them halfway up the mountain. Bai Ziyue and Tang Yijun were the teachers in charge this time, and they led a few boys out and found a clearing next to a spring. They then instructed the students to set up their tents.

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo got off the bus hand in hand. Su Xiaomo looked puzzled. “Xiaxia, where’s your bag?”

“Hm… Sheng Yize took it.”

The two looked up at Sheng Yize, who had An Xiaxia’s pink backpack over his shoulders as if it was nothing. It looked a little too small for a guy’s frame, but somehow, he looked as if he was confidently walking down a runway. Su Xiaomo watched this enviously.

Her eyes accidentally met He Jiayu’s and she quickly looked away, pretending nothing had happened.

She hadn’t forgotten about that night when she had gotten drunk.

Her heart ached for such a He Jiayu, one that she didn’t know how to face.

When the boys began to help the girls set up their tents, Li Canxing, who was the least popular among her classmates, was left out. Seeing her standing here awkwardly, Bai Ziyue called An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo over to give Li Canxing a hand.

An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo looked like they had flies in their mouths. Furthermore, Li Canxing showed no gratitude whatsoever and gave them the cold shoulder. “Heh, you two get on with it, then. I’ll pay you later.”

After that, she sat down comfortably, fanning herself with a hat and looking every inch a spoiled rich kid.

Su Xiaomo snapped. “Excuse me? Are we paid labor now? Like hell we’re gonna take your stupid money!”

“You two are paupers, aren’t you?” Li Canxing rolled her eyes.

“That’s right. The paupers are going to sleep in their warm tents now. Enjoy your fresh cold wind, Miss Li~” An Xiaxia said with a smile.

Seriously, did she think they were going to put up with her?

They were helping her and she wouldn’t even acknowledge that. Have it her way, then.

Li Canxing watched as the two left, her face growing pale. She wouldn’t condescend to persuade them to stay, nor was she willing to sleep in the open air. She stomped her foot furiously.

While An Xiaxia sat on a rock chatting with other people, Li Canxing moved closer with a bottle of water and let out a sudden shriek, pretending that she had twisted her ankle!

The bottle flew out of her hand and splashed all over An Xiaxia’s hair!

“I’m sorry, An Xiaxia,” she apologized insincerely.