Chapter 467: Camping (3)

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An Xiaxia glared at Li Canxing. “You’ve gone too far!”

Su Xiaomo grabbed Li Canxing by her collar. “Do you have Parkinson’s or are you too old to keep your hands steady?”

There was a splashing sound. Before Li Canxing could say anything, a bowl of cold spring water was dumped over her head.

Shocked, she turned around and Qi Yanxi whistled at her. He was holding a plastic basin he had picked up from who knew where and he grinned at her. “I’m sorry, Li Canxing. Oh my~ It must be my age. I can’t control my hands these days. They just shake so much…”

Even Li Canxing’s lips had gone pale. She was too furious to do anything but point at him and say “you” repeatedly.

As she ran away in that sorry state to change her clothes, Qi Yanxi called out after her, “I forgot to mention, I used that water to wash my feet~”

They could all see Li Canxing stumble at those words.

The two teachers heard the commotion and hurried over. “What happened?”

“Nothing… We spilled some water accidentally…” In tacit agreement, everyone gave a uniform answer so as not to get into any trouble with the teachers.

Bai Ziyue sighed. A short distance away, Li Canxing looked miserable, and Bai Ziyue couldn’t bear to see her like that. She then summoned two male students to help Li Canxing with her tent.

Sheng Yize then showed up out of nowhere, took out a towel from his backpack, grabbed An Xiaxia, and dried her hair.

Qi Yanxi casually tossed the basin aside, darted a look at An Xiaxia, and chuckled. “Little Dummy Xia, how about that? Sheng Yize filled the basin himself.”

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. She never thought Sheng Yize would do such a thing.

“Don’t worry, I’m here for you,” Sheng Yize said quietly, which filled An Xiaxia’s heart with a sense of security.

Su Xiaomo swore she could see pink bubbles floating around them and felt like she had just been hurt as a poor single.

“I’ve set up the tent for the two of you,” someone said in a gentle voice next to Su Xiaomo, which made her jump and almost tumble over.

He Jiayu reacted in time and caught her before she fell. Su Xiaomo knocked into his chest with a thump, which made him chuckle mildly. “Aren’t you clumsy today?”

He rubbed her forehead to soothe the pain and Su Xiaomo turned scarlet red. She could almost feel smoke rise from the top of her head.

“Thank you…” She brushed his big hand off and fled the scene.

He Jiayu watched her run away with a little smile on his face.

They had barbecue for lunch and organized a bonfire party that night. Afterwards, everyone went back to their tents satisfied and quickly fell asleep.

An Xiaxia had been called away by Sheng Yize under the false pretence of watching the stars. Su Xiaomo was left alone in the tent she was supposed to share with An Xiaxia.

She resentfully took out a comic book and was going to read it when someone cleared their throat outside her tent. “Su Xiaomo, are you there?”

The familiar voice made Su Xiaomo jump to her feet. She quickly straightened her clothes and lifted the tent flap. Outside, He Jiayu stood under the starry night in his white shirt, making too dashing a figure for one to look away.

Her heart raced, skipping more than a beat.

Su Xiaomo pressed her hand to her chest and struggled to keep her composure. “Yes?”

He Jiayu sighed, looking a little hurt. “Sheng Yize wanted to switch tents. He’s sharing ours with Xiaxia and I have nowhere to go.”

The tents had been arranged beforehand and each was to be shared by two students. The original arrangement was Su Xiaomo and An Xiaxia sharing a tent, while He Jiayu and Sheng Yize shared another. Chi Yuanfeng had a solo public event, so he was absent from the camping trip.

Su Xiaomo blushed right away and began to stutter. “W- what do y- you m- mean…?”

“It seems my only option is to sleep here with you.” He Jiayu blinked innocently.