Chapter 468: Camping (4)

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Crackle —

As if fireworks had gone off in her head, Su Xiaomo swore she saw colorful stars.

She kept that astonished face on and couldn’t speak for quite a while.

He Jiayu stood there, his shirt flapping in the wind as the cool night breeze blew, which made him look all the more slender.

As if she was under a spell, Su Xiaomo suddenly said, “Sure.”

Before she could regret it, He Jiayu followed her agreement and climbed into the tent.

With one more person inside, Su Xiaomo felt the temperature inside the tent rise. The air was filled with his clean soap smell and she couldn’t help but cringe in a corner with flushed cheeks and a thumping heart.

However, He Jiayu moved with her and asked gently, “What are you reading? May I join you?”

“No!” She turned him down right away and put away her R-18 comic book.

Aww! That was so humiliating!

He Jiayu replied with an “oh,” sounding desolate. He cast his eyes downward and his long eyelashes gave him a look more pitiful than a girl.

Brainwashed by his stunning face, Su Xiaomo struggled inside and asked in a small voice, “Do you really want to read it?”


Damn it! So be it! She was as tough as he was, so why should she mind?

Su Xiaomo managed to persuade herself and opened that yaoi comic. He Jiayu then joined in and began to read attentively, asking questions every now and then. “This man is held down, so shouldn’t he be putting up a fight?”


“What position is this?”


“Why is he moaning all the time?”



“Quiet!” Su Xiaomo couldn’t take it anymore.

He Jiayu blinked, still looking all innocent.

Su Xiaomo was already crying a river inside. She stuffed the book in a corner roughly, pulled the duvet over her head and announced, “I’m going to bed!”


The silence stretched on for a couple of minutes, then He Jiayu made a sound, asking, “Is this the only duvet we have?”

“Yes!” Su Xiaomo snapped.

“I’m cold.” He Jiayu’s gentle and soft voice made Su Xiaomo feel like her bones had melted.

“And why should I care?” Su Xiaomo said grumpily.

He Jiayu pondered for a moment, then asked, “How about you take the duvet and I hold you for warmth?”

Bang —

The fireworks in her head exploded again and Su Xiaomo began to consider the possibility that they would eventually melt her brain and turn her into an idiot. She swiftly threw half of the duvet over He Jiayu and said bashfully, “Sleep now! Stop talking!”

The teenager chuckled under the duvet, stirring up her tough girl’s heart.

Over in another tent, An Xiaxia lay in Sheng Yize’s arms and called his name in a voice that reminded him of a kitten. “Sheng Yize…”


“Is it true? He Jiayu really likes Momo? You’re not lying to me, are you?” An Xiaxia sounded suspicious.

“Why would he go to Su Xiaomo if that’s not the case? Shouldn’t he be back here already if Su Xiaomo doesn’t want to take him in?” Sheng Yize replied in his detached manner.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes, feeling wide awake. She tugged the front of his shirt and asked, “Are you telling me that they’re sleeping together the way we are now?”

The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. “That’s actually true, but can you not put it that way…”

An Xiaxia chuckled, feeling genuinely happy for Su Xiaomo.

There was the sound of water dropping on the tent and the temperature began to fall. An Xiaxia snuggled into his arms for warmth, mumbling, “Why is it raining?”

Sheng Yize frowned and held her tighter. “The weather in the mountains is unpredictable like this. Close your eyes.”

However, the sound only grew louder and rain kept falling for hours. A boy’s voice then woke the entire campsite. “Shit! There’s a flood coming!”