Chapter 469: Camping (5)

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Sheng Yize hadn’t slept at all. He swiftly rose to his feet, pulling An Xiaxia up with him. The girl had been fast asleep.

“Xiaxia, wake up!”

An Xiaxia smacked her lips. “Hm…” She rubbed her eyes while Sheng Yize quickly dressed her and instructed her in a grave tone, “Wait here. Don’t go anywhere!”

Frightened, An Xiaxia replied with a “hm.” She then sat in the tent as told, holding the backpack and flashlight that Sheng Yize had handed to her.

Sheng Yize walked out with an umbrella and saw that it was pouring. The campsite was next to a mountain stream and the tiny spring had turned into a ferocious waterfall. A short distance away, an overflowing river threatened to flood their campsite at any moment.

The two teachers soon woke everyone up. For a moment, the campsite was filled with girls’ shrieks and boys’ curses.

“Shit! Are we that unlucky?! I only took a nap and there’s a flood now?!”

” Sob … What are we gonna do? Are we going to die here?”

“No! Miss, what should we do now?”

Bai Ziyue looked very pale and her hair was soaking wet. Tang Yijun tilted the umbrella over her and called out, “Everyone, we have to travel light. Take some food and your phones; leave the tents behind! We’re moving up!”

While the students went to pack their things in confusion, Tang Yijun was on edge.

It was still dark and he had no idea what condition the mountain trail was in. More importantly, in this heavy rain, if they ran into a disaster like a mud avalanche…

But staying here would get them killed, too!

This was Bai Ziyue’s first time as a class teacher and her first time experiencing such a thing. She said between her broken sobs, “Tang – Tang Yijun… I, I…”

“Don’t cry! I’ll take full responsibility for this!” Tang Yijun said sternly. He kissed Bai Ziyue on her forehead, then walked into the heavy rain to do the headcount.

Bai Ziyue soon stopped crying and began to assist Tang Yijun. The chaotic scene gradually gained some order.

Tang Yijun instructed some students to tear up some sheets and make them into a rope, which he asked everyone to tie around their wrists. He then distributed the flashlights evenly along the line and the class began to climb up the mountain.

About a quarter of an hour later, they reached higher ground. Looking back, they saw that the sun was rising on the eastern horizon. Their campsite was already flooded. A few tents floated in the water, but were soon swept away…

Some girls began to cry even louder and Tang Yijun reprimanded them harshly. “Stop it, all of you! Is crying going to solve anything? Save your strength! You’ll need it if you want to stay alive!”

Awed by his imposing manner, the girls stopped crying.

As they trudged on, the slope grew steeper and the mud under their feet was slippery. There was a shriek, which was followed by a series of astonished yells.

Turning around, Bai Ziyue felt her heart about to jump out of her throat.

Li Canxing had lost her footing and fallen by the side of the track. The mountain trail didn’t have any railings and a little bit further was the cliff…

Li Canxing screamed at the top of her lungs, “An Xiaxia, don’t let go! Hold my hand!”

Looking closely, Bai Ziyue saw that An Xiaxia, who was the closest to Li Canxing, had grabbed her hand. An Xiaxia’s face had gone scarlet red, but she stubbornly held onto Li Canxing’s hand!

She had always found Li Canxing repulsive, but a life was hanging by the thread and she had to do something!

“Xiaxia!” Sheng Yize rushed to her side and took Li Canxing’s hand from her. He then scolded her in a low voice, “You little fool! Move aside!”