Chapter 47: Going To a Concert Together With Him (2)

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Sheng Yize stared blankly at him and then smiled. “It’s better than having her go to the concert alone, isn’t it?”

An Yibei gave him a knowing look and raised an eyebrow. “Well, thanks for your kindness.”

That settled everything and An Xiaxia was the only one who knew nothing about the concert arrangement. She was still smiling at the Rong Che on TV with an infatuated look on her face.

Sheng Yize went upstairs with a sour face. After a while, he texted An Xiaxia —

“Bring me three cups of coffee.”

An Xiaxia picked up the phone and was immediately crestfallen.

What the hell did he think she was? An assistant or a maid he could summon at his will?

Indignant, she was going to make the coffee when, on second thought, she brought three cups of warm milk upstairs instead of coffee.

After what happened last time, she didn’t dare barge recklessly into his room anymore. She knocked at the door first this time, but no one answered.

She curiously opened the door and found that there was no one in the room.

What? Where were they?

An Xiaxia looked around and also didn’t spot anyone in the living room. But faint sounds were coming from that music room.

She quietly went to the door and opened it a crack. The scene inside totally impressed her.

Sheng Yize sat at the piano, repeatedly playing a piece; He Jiayu wore his headphones, humming a melody; and Chi Yuanfeng was practicing a very difficult dance in front of the mirror, with sweat trickling down his face…

Three young and handsome teenagers looked so diligent that it was beyond her imagination.

An Xiaxia always thought that idol groups like Starry Night were only popular because of their young and beautiful faces. But this opinion had made her neglect many things.

Actually, they had also put in a tremendous amount of effort to become such a glorious idol group.

He Jiayu noticed her first. He took his headphones off and gently smiled at her. “What’s the matter?”

Sheng Yize stopped playing the piano and turned around to look at An Xiaxia, still looking displeased.

An Xiaxia blinked and went into the room to give everyone a cup of milk. “It’s not good to drink coffee at night. Milk does wonders for sleep.”

He Jiayu politely thanked her.

Chi Yuanfeng stepped forward and wrapped an arm around An Xiaxia’s neck. “Hey, Xiaxia. Why are you so nice to me? Have you fallen in love with me?”

He blinked his amorous eyes at An Xiaxia, which made her flush at once. “No! No! I don’t have a thing for you!” She tried to wriggle herself free.

When she said it, she felt extremely guilty… after all, Chi Yuanfeng was her favorite in the group Starry Night. She even trashed him less than the other two boys.

Now that Chi Yuanfeng, who was such a good-looking boy, was hitting on her, her little heart really couldn’t take it.

Finally, a pair of hands saved her in time. Sheng Yize came over with an expressionless face and freed her from Chi Yuanfeng’s arm. Then, he picked up a cup of milk and took a sip. “You were recruited by our school as a music specialized student, right? Can you play the piano?”

An Xiaxia nodded gingerly.

Sheng Yize pointed at the piano score. “Play a piece for me.”

An Xiaxia wore a bitter expression. As expected, she couldn’t escape the fate of being ordered around!

After lampooning Sheng Yize hard in her heart, An Xiaxia sat at the piano and played the score.

When she finished, Sheng Yize sneered a little. “It’s not as good as I imagined.”

“Hey! You!” An Xiaxia puffed out her cheeks. Her specialty wasn’t piano and she was already doing a great job playing like this!

Sheng Yize took another sip and curled his lip. “Disgusting!”

“Don’t drink it, then…” An Xiaxia mumbled.

“What did you say?” Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes mischievously.