Chapter 470: Camping (6)

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Several other boys came to help and pulled Li Canxing up. Holding onto An Xiaxia, Li Canxing couldn’t stop crying. “Y- you…”

She never thought that An Xiaxia would save her.

For a moment, she had thought she was surely going to die.

She would fall off the cliff and her dead body would be washed away by the flood… She shuddered at the thought.

Grim-faced, Sheng Yize took An Xiaxia back into his arms and pulled the hoodie of her bear raincoat back up. He then asked coldly, “Can you walk?”

An Xiaxia bit her lip. She had used up all her strength when she had been holding Li Canxing’s hand and only realized now that she felt weak all over.

Sheng Yize grunted and crouched down. “Hop on.”

She climbed onto his back as told. Sheng Yize carried her and she held the umbrella for both of them. The team went on climbing the mountain.

Tang Yijun led them to the road which wound around the mountain. From there, they reached the mountaintop without further incident. Half an hour later, a helicopter landed a short distance away with a flac flac flac sound. Qi Yanxi wiped the water off his face and sighed. “Shit, it took them long enough.”

A man in a butler uniform trudged toward them and greeted Qi Yanxi with deference. “Young Master.”

“Cut the crap! Get everyone on board!”

Cheers erupted in the crowd. Only then did they realize that this was the Qi family’s private chopper.

When everyone was finally on board, they looked down at the rushing flood below, feeling everything that had happened was so unreal.

Disaster could break out at the most unexpected moment and life could be so fragile.

An Xiaxia was warming her hands with a bottle of hot water when Li Canxing made her way to her side and awkwardly mumbled something in the tiniest voice.

“What?” An Xiaxia asked.

Li Canxing bit her lip. “Thank you, An Xiaxia! Thank you for saving me!”

“Oh… It’s nothing.” An Xiaxia smiled. “Sheng Yize and the other boys saved you. Go thank them.”

Li Canxing grunted and gave An Xiaxia a brooding look. She then lowered her voice. “You should leave Sheng Yize.”

An Xiaxia was speechless. She should never have expected to hear anything good out of Li Canxing’s mouth!

“I mean it!” Li Canxing took a deep breath and went on. “I think you know how my sister despises you. You pissed her off last time and you’re now Sheng Yize’s girlfriend… She’ll never get over it. An Xiaxia, because you saved my life, I’m warning you: leave Sheng Yize as soon as possible! Or my sister will never leave you in peace! As far as I know, she has…”

“Xiaxia.” Sheng Yize’s deep voice cut Li Canxing off. She turned stiff at Sheng Yize’s cold gaze and dared not say another word. She then left like a defeated dog.

“What did she say to you?” Sheng Yize asked with a grim face.

An Xiaxia reached out and dried the water on his face with a tissue. He had given her the only raincoat and had tilted the umbrella to her side the whole time. She was pretty much dry, but his clothes were soaking wet.

“Some more threats, what do you think… Girls just keep coming for you in waves. It never ends…” An Xiaxia said teasingly.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Ignore her.”


While the couple chatted affectionately, Li Canxing glanced at them a short distance away with resentment flickering in her eyes.

Since An Xiaxia wouldn’t believe her, there was nothing more she could say!

Since An Xiaxia was being ungrateful, she was more than willing to sit tight and watch the story unfurl.

It would do her good if the couple broke up!

Li Canxing grinned eerily at that thought, which scared off the girls nearby and no one dared sit near her.