Chapter 471: Blacky Sheng And Flower Qi’s History (1)

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Over on the other end, Su Xiaomo kept on blowing her nose loudly, which displeased Qi Yanxi.

“Brother Mo! Can you keep your voice down?! I’m going deaf over here…” Qi Yanxi bombarded her with those words before his gaze accidentally fell on her clothes. A red flush then suffused his tanned face and he forgot what he was going to say after that. Clearing his throat, he promptly walked away.

Su Xiaomo was at a loss. What had gotten into that imbecile?

All of a sudden, a black jacket was thrown onto her lap and there came He Jiayu’s mild voice. “I think you better put it on.”

It was only then that Su Xiaomo realized what was going on. She had been busy running for her life and only had a long-sleeved T-shirt on, which had stuck to her body once it got wet…

She lifted the jacket when no one else was looking and looked down at her chest. Her white bra was showing through her T-shirt, which made her want to bang her head against the wall!

Shit! Being a woman was so troublesome!

The helicopter landed at Yu City Airport.

After that life-or-death experience, everyone was exhausted and no one was in the mood for anything else. They said goodbye to one another and went back home.

Sheng Yize held An Xiaxia in her arms and He Jiayu kept Su Xiaomo company. Together with Qi Yanxi, the five of them stayed in the waiting area and waited for their drivers.

The first one to show up turned out to be Qi Yanxi’s stepmother.

She walked elegantly toward them in her exquisite one-piece and fur coat. Seeing the sorry state Qi Yanxi was in, she made a fuss in an affected voice. “Oh god. My sweetest young master, what have you done to yourself?”

Lu He ran toward him, playing the worried mother. Qi Yanxi’s leg kicked out without hesitation. “F**k off!”

An Xiaxia jumped at his reaction. She had thought that Qi Yanxi had become less peevish these days, but from the looks of it now, he had only grown more unruly!

“Yanxi, it’s alright that you don’t like me, but you need to take care of yourself. Go back now and have our doctor run some tests. Your father heard about the flood at your campsite this morning and his blood pressure rose again. He’s still in the hospital.” Lu He dabbed at the corner of her eye. Qi Yanxi sneered. “Why, shouldn’t you be happy if I’m dead? That means more money left behind for you, right?”

Lu He’s eyes brimmed with tears. “How can you say such things…”

“Jeez — no more crying! I’m still alive and so is my dad! Whose funeral are you attending now?” Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes at her.

“Auntie, since Uncle Qi has fainted, shouldn’t you be at the hospital rather than here at the airport? Are you here to see if Qi Yanxi’s still alive?” Sheng Yize casually added.

Exposed, Lu He was furious and ashamed at the same time. She stopped playing the caring mother, stomped her foot, and stormed off.

“Tsk, tsk. Her acting sucks,” Su Xiaomo remarked.

Qi Yanxi smiled wryly. “I agree.” He then glanced at Sheng Yize and gave him a grateful look. “Thanks for that!”

Teenagers his age were keen on saving face. He had started that row with Lu He because he didn’t want to be humiliated in front of his classmates, let alone An Xiaxia.

The Qi family driver arrived at that moment. Qi Yanxi then said his goodbyes and walked away with a hand in his pocket.

An Xiaxia tugged at Sheng Yize’s clothes and asked gingerly, “What on earth happened between you and Qi Yanxi? If you really are enemies, you wouldn’t have helped him, would you?”

The rain was still pouring down. Sheng Yize crossed his legs and chuckled. “Do you really want to know?”


As if some memories had been brought back by this rain, he went back to that spring many years ago…