Chapter 472: Blacky Sheng and Flower Qi’s History (2)

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Back then, Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi were both from rich families, of similar age, and shared some common interests. Growing up together, they saw each other as a best friend and the closest buddy.

Little Qi Yanxi was an adorkable kid, who spent his days being repeatedly tricked and fooled by Sheng Yize!

It just so happened that Sheng Yize had been a scheming little thing since he was a child and Qi Yanxi walked into his trap willingly every single time. It would usually take him a very long time to finally realize: Shit! Sheng Yize tricked me again!

For instance, Sheng Yize had convinced him that boys wore skirts, too… and that he would grow taller if he stopped taking showers… and there was also that time when Sheng Yize put lipstick and eyeshadow on him…

There were too many humiliating stories for Qi Yanxi to count.

Whenever Qi Yanxi looked back on his childhood, he wanted to shed tears for that little boy.

When they reached their teen years, both families sent them abroad for an elite education. The isolated boarding school was located on a remote island and their greatest hobbies were kicking ass, punching faces, drinking, and smoking… Back then, they were the typical bad boys, yet no one could do anything about them.

Their favorite past-time was to sit on the rooftop of the school building in the cool ocean breeze, where they would chat nonstop about everything and let their unfettered imaginations run wild.

It was on that rooftop that Sheng Yize first told Qi Yanxi about his childhood sweetheart, about how much he owed her, and about how regretful he felt.

Qi Yanxi would usually listen to this halfheartedly, then lazily snatch the half-finished cigarette from between Sheng Yize’s fingers and suck on it in a swaggering manner.

“What’s wrong with you? That’s sick.” Sheng Yize was speechless.

Qi Yanxi replied cockily, “I don’t mind. It’s just an indirect kiss. I’m so dashing that you should be flattered~”

Later that day, Qi Yanxi was tricked by Sheng Yize into running ten laps around the island.

After they graduated, both went back home. Sheng Yize decided to go into showbiz to search for his childhood sweetheart, while Qi Yanxi made his way into Qixia High as a first year student.

It was that year that he fell in love with Li Fanxing. He had made a big scene out of it, making sure that everyone knew.

Li Fanxing had detested him as much as he loved her. Every day, she would think of some new capricious task for him and he would do as he was bid without complaint.

Sometimes, Li Fanxing’s requests were so ridiculous that even Sheng Yize couldn’t stand it anymore. However, Qi Yanxi would always say, “I like her. I’ll do whatever she asks!”

Hence, Sheng Yize stopped trying to talk sense into him.

The saddest and most cliche twist was that, instead of being moved by Qi Yanxi, who doted on her and showed her every consideration, Li Fanxing fell for the cold and distant Sheng Yize.

Qi Yanxi’s parents filed for divorce during that period and that day, he ran out after his mother. The teenager that had never cried even after a bloody fight had tears in his eyes when he asked, “Must you leave?”

Mother Qi said emotionlessly, “You’ve already delayed me for three minutes and I have a very important case discussion to go to. Qi Yanxi, the distribution of shares has been settled. If you’re not happy about it, feel free to contact my lawyer.”

Mother Qi, the tough woman, left without looking back. The dumbfounded Qi Yanxi then went to look for Sheng Yize to drown his sorrows in alcohol. However, what he saw when he got there was Li Fanxing confessing her love to Sheng Yize.

The handsome boy and the sweet girl made such a pretty scene. When Li Fanxing bashfully told Sheng Yize she liked him, Qi Yanxi dashed to their sides, infuriated. “What do you two think you’re doing? Li Fanxing, you’re my girlfriend! I haven’t broken up with you!”

Li Fanxing rolled her eyes. “Haven’t your parents just gotten divorced? Your share price is on a rollercoaster. What are you doing here?”