Chapter 473: From Now On, We’re Enemies

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Qi Yanxi forced a smile. “I can’t come to you now because something happened in my family?”

“Are you even listening to yourself, Qi Yanxi?! I’m not going to live with you like a pauper!” Li Fanxing’s words were bitterly sarcastic. However, when she turned to Sheng Yize, she put on that bashful look again. “Sheng Yize, I’m going into showbiz as well. I hope we’ll get along well! We can make public appearances together!”

Sheng Yize frowned, still trying to recall what her name was. He wanted to tell her that the perfume she was wearing stank.

Before he could make that harsh comment, Qi Yanxi’s fist flew out…

Both of them didn’t hold back and Li Fanxing was frightened out of her wits. She ran away from the scene right away.

Qi Yanxi cursed as he punched Sheng Yize. “Why do you have to take my woman?! I can give you anything else I have, all you need to do is ask! But… but why her…”

He began to cry as they went on fighting and Sheng Yize sneered. “You’re out of your mind!”

Who on earth wanted his girl?

He knew Qi Yanxi was in a foul mood, and he didn’t want to talk to him in this state. However, Qi Yanxi punched him again, then wiped his eyes and nose on his shirt…

Sheng Yize had just taken a blow himself. He had just come back from a press conference for an album, where he learned that a senior called Rong Che had stolen his song. Somehow, the man also learned that he had gotten into this line of business to look for a person and had laughed at him mercilessly…

“Who the hell do you think you are? A bounty hunter? They’re probably already dead! Haha! You’re a joke!”

Sheng Yize punched Rong Che without a second thought, which started the rumor of the two of them not liking each other.

Since he was in a vile mood himself, Sheng Yize had no intention of consoling Qi Yanxi. He only said coldly, “Qi Yanxi, don’t you think you had it coming?”

Qi Yanxi widened his eyes in disbelief.

“You wear your emotions on your sleeve too much. You wouldn’t be this upset if you could be as ruthless as your mother and your girlfriend. You’re in pain not because they hurt you, but because you’re too weak. Everything would be fine if you were strong. Hence, you had it coming.”

Hearing those heartless words from his best friend, on top of all the things that had just happened, Qi Yanxi snapped.

“How could you say such things… Sheng Yize, you’re my f**king best friend! How can you be so cold-blooded?!” Qi Yanxi grabbed him by his collar and bellowed in his face.

Sheng Yize pushed him off. Qi Yanxi stumbled and fell back on the ground.

He watched as Sheng Yize slowly walked away. “Screw you! We’re done! Done! From now on, we’re enemies! I’m gonna kill you!”

A heavy rain began to pour down. While Qi Yanxi played the miserable hero of his drama, Sheng Yize, his only audience, left without hesitation.

It was still raining outside the airport. An Xiaxia asked in disbelief, “That was it?”


An Xiaxia sounded frustrated. “Why did it sound like a love drama to me… You hurt him and he hates you for it…”

“You two then go through this love-hate struggle, until you finally live happily ever after,” Su Xiaomo added, smacking her lips.

The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. “After that, he went abroad. Then, you met him in Qixia.”

An Xiaxia said, “It was so petty! What haven’t you two made up?”

It was never petty.

He was too young back then and didn’t understand how hurtful his heartless words and his cocky behavior could be.

To him, sorry was the most difficult word to say.

“You hopeless tsundere! You don’t know how to apologize? I’ll teach you!” An Xiaxia patted her chest confidently.