Chapter 474: Please Save Her (1)

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Sheng Yize didn’t look convinced. An Xiaxia smiled and said, “Here, let me demonstrate for you!”

She smacked her palms together and said earnestly to Su Xiaomo, “Master Flower Qi, please forgive me, for I was young and ignorant! I’m sorry!”

Su Xiaomo assumed her role right away. Shaking her leg, she mimicked Qi Yanxi’s cocky manner. “Admit your sin! Blacky Sheng! This day has finally come, mwahahahaha…”

“I’m truly sorry!”

“Fine, fine. Since you put it that way, I guess I’ll have to force myself to forgive you!”

“See? It’s that easy! All you need to do is to say sorry!” An Xiaxia tugged Sheng Yize by his sleeve, and he turned to her with an impassive face. “The driver’s here. Let’s go.”

Like hell he was going to apologize to Qi Yanxi like that! His dignity would never allow that to happen!

“Hm…” An Xiaxia was dragged away reluctantly. Su Xiaomo followed her jubilantly, and hopped off the stairs as soon as they stepped out of the airport building. She then slipped and He Jiayu didn’t catch her in time…

Plop —

She fell into a pit of water face down.

Su Xiaomo thought that her world had just turned mute. She wished she could stay buried in that pit forever!


She was racking her brain, trying to think of a posture that would make her look less embarrassing, when He Jiayu’s gentle voice rang out. “How long are you going to swim in here?”

“Heh… I’m coming out now.” She rose to her feet and thanked He Jiayu inwardly for offering her a way out.

She was still wearing He Jiayu’s jacket, which was also soaked after her fall. She now looked guiltily at He Jiayu, who only had a white shirt on.

Sensing her intense gaze, He Jiayu hesitated a little before reaching for his buttons. “You want to have this one, too?”

“No, no. That’s really not necessary…” Su Xiaomo waved her hand repeatedly. He’d be half naked if he took this shirt off. She would definitely get a nosebleed!

In the end, Mr. Driver lent her his suit jacket, which saved Beauty He from going naked.

On their way home, Sheng Yize got a call from Mr. Song, who expressed his sympathy for what they had gone through. After exchanging some pleasantries, Mr. Song changed the subject. “Yize, could you bring Xiaxia to my place tomorrow?”

Sheng Yize’s heart sank. After some thought, he agreed.

He would rather take her to see him once instead of hide from him forever. He wanted to see what Mr. Song was up to!

The next day.

An Xiaxia dressed appropriately for the occasion and got into Sheng Yize’s car. She asked curiously, “Where are you taking me?”

“I’m going to treat you to something yummy.” Sheng Yize smiled. An Xiaxia’s eyes twinkled and asked, “Where? Where?”

He didn’t give her a straight answer. The girl listed all the things she wanted to eat on her fingers and he found her earnest face so adorable.

The car stopped outside the Song family home.

An Xiaxia realized this wasn’t what she had expected. “Where are we?”

“You’ll know after we go in.” Sheng Yize picked up her hand, but the girl drew it back, looking alarmed. “You’re not going to sell me off, are you?”

“The price of pork has dropped a lot this year, so don’t flatter yourself.” Sheng Yize snickered.

That was a hard blow. Speechless, An Xiaxia walked in with him.

Mr. Song had waited a long time and was excited to see the couple. “Do sit down. What would you like? I’ve prepared a meal for you… But I don’t know if you’ll like it or not…”

Sheng Yize darted him a look, revealing nothing on his face. The famous business tycoon Mr. Song was making a gaffe, but Sheng Yize didn’t think he himself was the cause.

Turning to the other side, he saw that An Xiaxia had been giggling lightheartedly the whole time. Mr. Song’s gaze had also been on her this entire time…