Chapter 475: Please Save Her (2)

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The meal Mr. Song had prepared was in fact a banquet of delicacies enough to feed a roomful of people. The dishes ranged from Chinese to Western-style cuisine, which made Glutton Xia’s eyes pop. She was over the moon and one could almost see pink bubbles rise out of her head.

After exchanging some pleasantries, Mr. Song announced that it was time to eat and An Xiaxia happily dove into her food.

Mr. Song smiled at An Xiaxia, whose cheeks were puffed up with all the food in her mouth. He blurted out, “I hope you’ll feel at home here.”

“Thank you, Uncle,” An Xiaxia mumbled, and the light in Mr. Song’s eyes dimmed a little.

Sheng Yize put some of An Xiaxia’s favorite food on her plate and cautioned her, “Slow down. Your stomach will burst like this.”

As it turned out, An Xiaxia overate in the end.

She never been so voracious, but all the dishes today just happened to be her favorites.

There was so much to choose from that she had a hard time deciding what to eat. Before she realized it, she was stuffed.

Luckily, Mr. Song behaved like the perfect gentleman and offered to serve them some tea. Embarrassed, Sheng Yize helped An Xiaxia sit down on the sofa and began to rub her plump belly.

“You pig!” he said scornfully.

An Xiaxia gave him an aggrieved look, pushed his hand aside, and began to rub herself.

Mr. Song stared at An Xiaxia with unblinking eyes, as if he didn’t want to miss any of her lively facial expressions.

Sheng Yize found his reaction odd and said calmly, “Uncle Song, Xiaxia still has a tutoring session later. I better send her back.”

His casual probing brought an anxious look to Mr. Song’s face.

He cleared his throat and said, “I’d really like you to stay for a bit longer. I’ve prepared some refreshments for you.”

He clapped his hands and a few maids brought out some exquisite pastries. An Xiaxia struggled to sit up, but was thwarted by her plump belly.

If only another person knew how torturous it was to see delicious food but be unable to eat it…

Sheng Yize darted a look at the refreshments and smirked.

They were all An Xiaxia’s favorites again.

He had noticed this during the meal. It was too much of a coincidence and he was certain that Mr. Song must have investigated An Xiaxia’s preferences!

“Yize, there’s something I need to talk to Xiaxia about.” Mr. Song turned to him and spoke in a pleading voice.

Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow. “Sure.”

The cat was almost out of the bag.

He rubbed An Xiaxia’s hair and put her phone in her hand, reminding her in a low voice to call him if things didn’t feel right. He then followed the butler out and went for a walk in the garden at the back.

With much difficulty, An Xiaxia sat up straight, looking like a primary school student whose homework was about to be checked. Mr. Song found her utterly amusing and chuckled despite himself.

“Xiaxia… you’re such a lovely kid…” He sighed with emotion.

An Xiaxia smiled dryly, still seeing him as one of those weird uncles.

He had been staring at her the whole time, which was creepy.

“Actually, I have a presumptuous request. I need a favor from you…” Mr. Song sighed and gazed at An Xiaxia intensely.

An Xiaxia replied, “Um… Please tell me what it is and I’ll do what I can!”

Mr. Song picked up a cup of tea and took a few sips. The air was filled with the fragrance of the tea.

“I learned how absurd Songsong was being before, and I’d like to apologize to you and Yize on her behalf… I’ll do everything I can to make it up to you two,” said Mr. Song slowly.

An Xiaxia gave a hollow laugh without saying anything.

She couldn’t forgive Song Qingchen for what she had done.

“Songsong was diagnosed with aplastic anemia in her most recent physical exam… She had a meltdown abroad and I brought her back to get her treated… So far, a bone marrow transplant is still the most promising treatment…” An Xiaxia was baffled by the look Mr. Song gave her.

How did that have anything to do with her?!