Chapter 477: I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Save Me

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Sheng Yize obviously didn’t expect to hear that and a look of surprise flickered in his dark pupils.

An Xiaxia cleared her throat. “In that way, you won’t feel guilty and I won’t be jealous~ I’m such a clever girl!”

“Praise me now” was written all over her face, which made Sheng Yize sigh inwardly.

His little fool.

“Yes, you smart girl.”

“I’m smarter than you!”

“… Yes.” The fellow nodded, abandoning all his principles.

The following day was Monday. After school, An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize together went to the hospital Song Qingchen was in.

It was a hospital run by the Sheng family. An entire floor had been cleared out for Song Qingchen alone and had been equipped with top-notch medical equipment and the top doctors of the country.

Before they reached the ward, they heard the hysterical screams of a woman and the noise of things being smashed.

A nurse walked out sobbing, covering her cheeks with her hands. They could make out several red and swollen palm marks.

An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize hurried over. Inside, Song Qingchen had thrown everything on the floor as if she had lost her mind. The IV bottle, glasses, vases… they had all been smashed.

The head nurse kept her composure and said impassively after the tantrum was over, “Miss Song, refusing the treatment will only make your symptoms worse.”

“No, no… You’re all liars! I’m not sick! I’m not dying! I’m not sick!” Song Qingchen tore at her own hair, her voice choked with sobs.

“What’s going on?” Sheng Yize asked in a low voice.

“The patient is having difficulty accepting her condition. Moreover, the medicine she’s taking has some stimulatory effects, which has made her very unstable emotionally,” the head nurse replied calmly, apparently having seen too many cases like this.

Song Qingchen was suffering from an acute blood disease. If it wasn’t treated in time, she could die in six months to a year.

It had happened so suddenly, of course she couldn’t accept it.

Hearing his voice, Song Qingchen looked up. After recognizing Sheng Yize, she carefully wiped her eyes and nose, looking like a timid little girl.

“Brother Ah Ze… Is that you?”

Sheng Yize sighed and nodded. “Yes.”

Song Qingchen jumped into his arms and started crying again.

That was an eyesore for An Xiaxia. She looked away uneasily.

Having a sense of propriety, Sheng Yize pushed Song Qingchen away, then gestured at the nurse to clean up the room.

Song Qingchen held onto his sleeve as tears rolled down her cheeks like unbroken strings of beads. “Brother Ah Ze, am I going to die? I don’t want to die…”

“Song Qingchen, calm down. It’s not terminal and crying won’t solve anything,” Sheng Yize said sternly.

Song Qingchen nodded sheepishly. Her face then lit up when she spotted An Xiaxia.

“Xiaxia, we have the same blood type, don’t we? Now, save me! Promise me you’ll save me!” She shook An Xiaxia’s arm repeatedly and her face was covered with tears.

An Xiaxia was getting dizzy from her shaking and looked at her awkwardly.

The saying went: men spoke kindly in the presence of death. She found it very hard to refuse a Song Qingchen crying so piteously.

Just then, Sheng Yize’s phone began to ring. He whispered in An Xiaxia’s ear, “I need to get this. Wait for me here.”

After that, he went to pick up the call in the corridor. An Xiaxia held Song Qingchen by her arm and said, “Get some rest. Don’t cry.”

The look on Song Qingchen’s face changed. With bloodshot eyes, she grabbed An Xiaxia by her hair and banged her head against the wall. “Are you going to save me or not? I’ll kill you if you say no!”