Chapter 478: She Owes You People Nothing

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The change in her attitude was so abrupt that before An Xiaxia could react, her head had been smashed twice against the wall and she saw stars.

“Go donate your bone marrow to me now! Save me! You bitch! Daddy even offered you money! Why should he? You’re the one that’s supposed to die!” Song Qingchen’s aggressive attitude enraged An Xiaxia and she shoved Song Qingchen.

Song Qingchen fell to the floor, looking miserable.

Both nurses in the room were flabbergasted. They stood there dazed for a moment and didn’t know what to do.

The pain brought tears to An Xiaxia’s eyes. Gritting her teeth, she shouted, “Are you nuts? Do I owe you anything? Why must I save you? You psycho!”

Sitting on the floor, Song Qingchen began to giggle.

It was a titter that sent chills down An Xiaxia’s spine and gave her the goosebumps.

Song Qingchen jerked up and dashed at An Xiaxia at an unbelievable speed. With a piece of broken vase in her hand, she waved it at An Xiaxia’s face. “Die! Go to hell!”

The nurses finally came back to their senses and subdued Song Qingchen, each grabbing one arm.

An Xiaxia was panting. That was so frightening.

She even got the faint feeling that… Song Qingchen was really crazy…

“Why should I save you? Can you see your own attitude? Song Qingchen, you’re unbelievable. What do you take me for? If I were the one who was sick now, would you save me?” An Xiaxia almost didn’t know what to say.

Face grim, Song Qingchen shrieked with laughter. “Why should I save you? I’ll watch you die if you’re sick! Haha~ But now, you have no other choice! You must save me!”

“Who says she must do that?” A cold voice with a dominating air to it rang out. The room fell silent at the pressure it exuded.

Sheng Yize walked in with a dark face. He then pulled An Xiaxia into his arms and looked at her anxiously.

Beside him stood Mr. Song, whose face was livid.

The phone call was from Mr. Song’s assistant to tell Sheng Yize him that Mr. Song would be there soon, so Sheng Yize had gone to the elevator to greet the man.

They had come back in time to hear Song Qingchen’s crazy ranting.

He hadn’t brought An Xiaxia here for her to be ill-treated.

“Uncle Song, all Sheng family hospitals throughout the country will help you search for a bone marrow match. Xiaxia is in poor health herself and she’s not the only candidate. I won’t have her donate hers.” Sheng Yize patiently gave his reasons.

Song Qingchen jumped to her feet in vexation. “No! It’ll take time to find a new donor. What if I die before they can find one… Sheng Yize, you heartless and cold-blooded man!”

“I only have one question. If Xiaxia were in your place now, would you donate your bone marrow to her?” Sheng Yize scoffed.

“Of course not! Never!” Song Qingchen screamed, and Mr. Song scolded her. “Be quiet, Songsong!”

Sheng Yize turned to Mr. Song. “Uncle Song, I’ve paid back everything I owe her and if you’re still not content, feel free to come to me. Xiaxia won’t take a penny of your money, nor will she give you any help! Because she owes you people nothing!” After those harsh words, Sheng Yize led An Xiaxia, who was still flustered, out of the room.

Behind them, Song Qingchen’s cursing and crying grew fainter, but Sheng Yize’s face only turned colder and grimmer.

An Xiaxia chuckled awkwardly. “You don’t have to be that angry, really. It’s just bone marrow, not a kidney… It’s not that different from donating blood. I can always eat some pig’s blood to make up for it!”

Sheng Yize halted abruptly and held her by her shoulders. “You fool! You don’t have to pay back my debt for me!”