Chapter 479: Cutie, Stop Reading That (1)

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An Xiaxia shuddered. She felt even more dizzy at his bellow.

“I just thought that if I save her, you won’t have to feel like you owe her all the time.” An Xiaxia looked up at him.

I want to live a life as brilliant and regret-free as possible.

No more worries. No more fetters.

Those words had always been in An Xiaxia’s head, but she had never said them aloud.

She didn’t like Song Qingchen, or one could say, she found the woman repulsive. She wanted to help her not because of that enormous cheque Mr. Song had offered, nor because she wanted to play the good Samaritan. She would only do it for Sheng Yize.

“Idiot!” Sheng Yize scolded her. “An Xiaxia, you’re an idiot!”

However, she was the only one that would care about him in such an idiotic way.

An Xiaxia sniffled with grievance, but he then wrapped her hands in his and kissed her gently on her forehead. His voice was raspy and low. “Don’t do such foolish things anymore. Just be yourself. You can be capricious, arrogant, overbearing — whatever you want to be.”

She was a hopeless fool, but he had fallen hopelessly in love with her.

Sheng Yize thought absentmindedly that if this really was how things were going to be for the rest of his life, he would have no problem living like this.

A warm feeling washed over An Xiaxia. She lowered her head and forgot all about the earlier fiasco.

Sheng Yize rubbed her head and led her toward the front entrance.

The long corridor grew brighter as they walked. He held her hand, feeling like he was walking toward the only light in a sea of darkness.

The school was holding a maths competition in a few days and the teacher had named Su Xiaomo and He Jiayu as participants. Hence, the two had to stay back at school for training every day.

After quickly finishing her last page, Su Xiaomo leaned on her palm and let her mind wander.

According to An Xiaxia, she had actually gone to the hospital with Sheng Yize to visit that white lotus bitch. Damn it, they wouldn’t pick on her, would they? Would Sheng Yize hit if off with that Lotus Song again? She so wanted to kick his ass for Xiaxia! Aaah! She couldn’t stand it anymore!

Seeing that she was lost in thought, He Jiayu smiled teasingly and wanted to try something mischievous. He then poked Su Xiaomo’s puffed up cheek with a ballpoint pen.

Thud —

The retractable end bounced off her cheek, making a tiny round indentation.

Su Xiaomo snapped out of her daydream instantly. “Ah! Why? Is the teacher here to tutor us?”

He Jiayu smiled. “I’ll tell you when he’s here.”

“Oh…” Su Xiaomo replied blandly. Something then struck her. Why had he poked her cheek if the teacher hadn’t come?

Did he try to make fun of me? Su Xiaomo grabbed two fountain pens fiercely and swore an oath to get revenge!

Before she could do anything, she saw that He Jiayu was reading a comic book…

Oh god! Wasn’t that one of hers?

Wait… Wasn’t that whole stack of comic books in his drawer hers?

Romance, yaoi, scroll comics, four-panel comics… Each book was under a different pseudonym, but they were unmistakably hers!

“You, you, you… Who told you to buy all these?” She flushed.

“Kang Jian did. He said you drew all these.” With a harmless smile on his face, He Jiayu sold Kang Jian out without hesitation.

With shaking fingers, Su Xiaomo texted Kang Jian.

“Did you tell He Jiayu all my pseudonyms for my comics?”

“Yup. Why?”

“Get your ass down here! I want to thank you!”

Kang Jian sent her a walking emoji, and Su Xiaomo replied with an enormous machete. “You’re a dead man!!”