Chapter 48: Going To a Concert Together With Him (3)

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“What? Did I? I didn’t say anything!” An Xiaxia shook her head at once. “Boss Yize, may you have a good night. You still have something on early in the morning. Don’t be tired!” She smiled a pure and innocent smile.

“Hypocrite.” Sheng Yize snorted ungratefully.

An Xiaxia wasn’t able to maintain her pose and gave him a dirty look. “But it’s better than some childish guy.”

“Heh… You mean I’m childish?”

“I didn’t say it was you. Get over yourself!” An Xiaxia lifted her chin. With her head erect and her back straight, she marched out of the room.

Sheng Yize’s expression was cryptic. Sitting at the piano again, he played the piece more and more quickly and ended on a discordant note. After that, he snapped the keyboard lid shut and went back to his room, disgruntled.

Chi Yuanfeng feared nothing more than seeing Sheng Yize get angry and had long since huddled in a corner to make himself unnoticeable. After Sheng Yize left, he asked He Jiayu in a low voice, “What’s wrong with Brother Yize?”

Abnormal! It was too abnormal!

He used to be a level-headed and cool boy, but today he had a short temper and behaved childishly, acting like a different person.

He Jiayu had a thoughtful expression on his face.

Could Sheng Yize… really have a crush on her?

Snuggling in bed, An Xiaxia’s mood improved after she watched several episodes of a funny anime.

She closed the Bilibili webpage and logged into her Weibo account. Upon seeing a fresh post by Rong Che’s Official Fan Club, which was followed by heated comments, she hurriedly joined in the battle under her aliases.

Although Starry Night had a huge number of fans, Rong Che’s fanbase was in no way less than theirs. They fought as intensely as a raging fire.

An Xiaxia always trashed the three of them in turn, but today, her comments were all directed against one person —

Watermelon Eats Summer: Sheng Yize is a devil! A bastard! He sings terribly, not to mention he’s ugly! Bah! Bah! Bah!

Never Forget: Hmph! Sheng Yize is not only bad-tempered but also a snub, which is well-known by insiders.

A Kitten Doesn’t Cry: You guys probably don’t know this, but he’s actually a super evil man~ He even bullies girls!

With a combat machine like An Xiaxia, the battle on Weibo gradually ceased. Finally, Rong Che’s fans won.

An Xiaxia was satisfied. She switched to her master account and found a private message.

She opened it. It was sent by Su Xiaomo —

“WOW! An Xiaxia, why are you so irritable today? You almost made the little fans of Starry Night cry! How pitiful they are!”

An Xixia replied with a dog-face emoji. Su Xiaomo also followed Rong Che, but she was only fond of his works and was less of a fanatic than An Xiaxia.

Feeling Slightly Cool in Mid-Summer: Don’t talk to me. I’m not happy now. I’m in a bad mood.

Flowers Are Blossoming Among the Fields: … Idiot, go see your Rong Che oppa! Bye!

An Xiaxia pursed her lips, put down the phone, and closed her eyes.

The night sky outside the window was full of stars. A plane flew through the clouds like a meteor shooting across the sky.

Somehow, something invisible was pulling their destinies together.

The weekend An Xiaxia had been eagerly looking forward to came at long last. She dressed up in front of the mirror, which was very rare for her, and went downstairs to go to Rong Che’s concert.

When she got downstairs, someone wearing a cap and mask briefly glanced at her. “Well, you look less ugly with makeup on.”

Except for Sheng Yize, who else could talk in this annoying tone?

An Xiaxia stared at him grumpily. “Hey, you’re supposed to go to work, aren’t you?”

Sheng Yize looked down at his watch. “Let’s go. Or we’ll be late for the concert.”

“What? I’m going to watch my Rong Che oppa’s concert, why are you following me?!” An Xiaxia frowned. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed suddenly. “Don’t tell me you plan to go to the concert with me?!”