Chapter 480: Cutie, Stop Reading That (2)

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Kang Jian felt like unfortunate collateral damage.

It had all started when he read one of Su Xiaomo’s comics at school. He Jiayu had made a casual “it looks pretty nice” remark and Kang Jian had bragged about it right away. “Sister Mo drew this! Isn’t she awesome?”

He Jiayu blinked and struck up a conversation, smiling amiably the entire time.

Before Kang Jian knew it, he had given out all of Su Xiaomo’s pseudonyms.

Kang Jian shuddered at the machete emoji in the message, not doubting for a second that Su Xiaomo had meant it when she said she was going to kick his ass.

“I’m so sorry! Sister Mo, forgive me!”

“Now, Worthless Kang, pick one. Do you want to be chopped up or fried?”

“I… I’ll do it myself! See you on the rooftop!” Kang Jian went offline and played dead after sending that out.

Feeling hopeless, Su Xiaomo banged her forehead on the desk. She was going to do it again when a pair of open palms were laid flat on the desk.

“Stop that. It hurts.” His tone was as mild as ever.

Su Xiaomo cried a river in her head. “Cutie, can we talk about something?”


“Can you stop reading these comic books? Please!” Su Xiaomo pleaded.

He Jiayu blinked his eyes innocently. “I think they’re very interesting.”

“No, they’re not! Not at all!”

He Jiayu gave her an “oh” before lowering his head to resume reading.

Su Xiaomo then saw the title of the book and thought she was going to have a heart attack.

“Pure, pretty, young bottom vs domineering, wild, overbearing military top.”

That was probably her bestseller… The title was pretty explicit, but the content… The content was even more so…

She smacked the table and uttered a curse in a decisive voice. “One more look at it and your penis will shrink by 5cm!”

Whoosh —

He Jiayu turned his head and looked at her with the most… innocent eyes.

Those words turned out to be rather effective on guys. He Jiayu handed his comic books over without objection and Su Xiaomo dumped them all in the bin. Instantly, she felt refreshed, energetic, relaxed, and happy. Life was so good…

“I still have some more at home,” He Jiayu said quietly. Looking at Su Xiaomo’s ghastly pale face and quivering lips, he added, “Five more sets!”

Su Xiaomo: … Wait for me, Worthless Kang! Save me a spot on that rooftop!

An Xiaxia still felt a little dizzy when she got home. Papa An made duck blood vermicelli soup for dinner, which was her favorite. However, she threw up before even taking a sip…

She had horrible dreams that night.

In it, she was being held down by Mr. Song, who cut her belly open, while Song Qingchen giggled on the side and drank her blood…

Nightmares haunted An Xiaxia the whole night like a horror film. She went to school the following day feeling only half-awake. However, when she got there, she was welcomed by another piece of bad news.

Since the weather was getting hot, swimming classes had commenced.

For most students, that was good news as it meant that for two classes every week, they got to play with water.

However, to the landlubber and hydrophobe An Xiaxia, that class was nothing but torment.

When it was time for the swimming class, she reluctantly went into the changing room with Su Xiaomo.

The men’s changing room.

Qi Yanxi changed into his swimming trunks and rubbed his belly, looking rather melancholy.

Having been eating too well and not exercising enough, his six-pack had gone down to five-ish — that last one was barely showing… It was almost buried beneath a layer of fat.

Sheng Yize walked past him with his well-defined abdominal muscles, which Qi Yanxi eyed enviously!

Screw him!

He walked out of the changing room indignantly and a figure pounced on him. He then felt something soft press against his arm.

The boys nearby all eyed him with jealousy. He asked lazily, “What now?”