Chapter 481: Shy? It’s Nothing You Haven’t Seen Before

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Li Fanxing held his arm affectionately and wouldn’t have minded being taken advantage of at all.

“It’s our swimming class. Why are you here?”

“Our classes are having it together,” replied Li Fanxing with a cloying giggle. “Did you hear about Songsong? We’re all family friends and what happened to the Song family is quite a big deal. I think we should go visit her together.”

Qi Yanxi gave her a crooked smile. “Sorry, not interested.”

The look on Li Fanxing’s face froze for a second at those words. Qi Yanxi then darted a look at her and saw that she was wearing a bikini, apparently not stingy at all about showing off her nice body.

Sensing Qi Yanxi’s gaze, Li Fanxing leaned over a little, giving him a wonderful view of her full bosom.

Qi Yanxi whistled frivolously. “Very nice.”

Li Fanxing’s smile widened. Men indeed thought with their dicks.

“Unfortunately, I’m not interested.” Qi Yanxi drew back his arm. “Especially not in those that offer themselves willingly… Hm, what do you girls call them again? Flirtatious bitches?”

The color of Li Fanxing’s face changed as Qi Yanxi mocked her. Her eyes brimmed with tears at the “bitches.”

It was so ironic. Back then, Qi Yanxi had knelt down and begged her not to leave him, but she broke up with him anyway. Now, she had to use her body to lure him back.

“Qi Yanxi, do you have to be like this? What other choice do you have if you want to get married?” Li Fanxing asked indignantly.

“It’s none of your f**king business!” Qi Yanxi raised his chin arrogantly, walked past Li Fanxing, and went to join his own class.

Li Fanxing clenched her fists tightly.

Over on the other end, the students of Year 1 Class C were messing around uproariously.

Chi Yuanfeng took An Xiaxia’s hand and said excitedly, “Xiaxia, let me show you my exceptional diving style!”

An Xiaxia’s face turned pale at the sight of the pool and she struggled to back away. Chi Yuanfeng hopped around, but wouldn’t let go of her hand. Sheng Yize walked past them at that moment and kicked Chi Yuanfeng into the pool, splashing water everywhere.

“Brother, that was so mean —”

Everyone guffawed. Sheng Yize glanced at An Xiaxia, who was wearing a conservative floral swimsuit with a skirt that fell almost to her knees.

The scheming guy was pleased.

Whereas An Xiaxia, who now saw that Sheng Yize only wore swimming trunks and was baring his muscular chest, turned the color of a cooked shrimp. She covered her eyes bashfully.

“Why are you so shy? It’s not like you haven’t seen it before,” he chuckled and teased her. As expected, An Xiaxia flushed all the way down to her neck.

The bell rang and the teacher showed up. After taking them through warm-ups and explaining a few basic swim strokes, he blew the whistle and set the students free.

Everyone jumped into the pool, but not An Xiaxia. After much comforting from Sheng Yize, she finally sat down by the pool and… put her feet in.

As she sat there dangling her feet, Sheng Yize sighed in resignation. “Is it that scary?”

“Hm…” An Xiaxia scratched her head, looking distressed. Because she was afraid of water, she had never dared to learn how to swim, which only made her even more scared of water. It had turned into a vicious circle.

“The water is pretty shallow here. How about I swim alongside you?” Sheng Yize cajoled. He didn’t expect those words to work, but An Xiaxia nodded. “Alright.”

The more scary it was, the more she needed to face it.

Sheng Yize gave her a look of approval, surprised by An Xiaxia’s courage.

He led her into the water, which only reached up to her chest. However, it was enough to frighten An Xiaxia. She wrapped her arms around Sheng Yize’s neck and wouldn’t let go.

She wriggled and squirmed, pressing against him. Before long, she could feel something jabbing at her thigh…