Chapter 482: Song Qingchen’s Real Identity

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“Stop squirming!” Sheng Yize gave her a meaningful and threatening look.

The little woman stopped moving right away. Since water frightened her so much, she couldn’t help but look at Sheng Yize helplessly. Those teary eyes almost made Sheng Yize “excited” again.

Sheng Yize took a few deep breaths and whispered into her ear, “Hold on to me, but don’t wiggle!”

His mellow voice reminded her of a cello. With his hot breath brushing against her ear, An Xiaxia’s face heated up. She bit her lip and looked at him innocently.

Sheng Yize followed her around and let her play with the water for a while. Probably because she had realized that the water was too shallow to do her any harm, she didn’t look as frightened about fifteen minutes later.

He smiled and let her join their other classmates.

Jumping ashore swiftly, he fetched a big towel to dry his hair. Someone then snorted resentfully beside him.

“Lovey-dovey breaks up quickly!” Qi Yanxi spat at Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize dodged easily, not surprised by his childish behavior at all. He gave Qi Yanxi the finger without a word.

Qi Yanxi wouldn’t have it. He put down the bottle of juice in his hand and gave him the finger with both hands!

“… You’re mental.” Sheng Yize pursed his lips and looked away, not bothering to react to that.

Young Master Qi was still pissed. He curled up his toes and tried to give him the finger with his feet.

However, toes were nowhere near as flexible as fingers, and after nearly rolling himself into a ball, he still couldn’t achieve the gesture.

Su Xiaomo splashed water in his direction and laughed at him. “Qi Yanxi, are you an idiot? What are you doing twitching your hands and feet? Are you having a seizure?”

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes. “You puny human know nothing about my heroic spirit!”

“Pfttt…” An Xiaxia couldn’t help but laugh at him as well.

Qi Yanxi felt that his pride was hurt, so he turned around and vented his anger on Sheng Yize. “You old man! Accept my challenge, I dare you!”

Sheng Yize darted him a sideway glance. “Aren’t you older than me?”

Qi Yanxi was speechless. Why do I feel like I just slapped myself?

“Do you accept my challenge or not?”

Sheng Yize saw the expectant look on An Xiaxia’s little face and smiled. “Sure, why not?”

Before long, everyone had gathered around the pool to watch the match. The teacher even volunteered to play the judge.

The whistle blew and the two young men dove in with the same smooth and standard movements. Both looked as swift as fish in the water and they already covered some distance in a moment.

They were well-matched in their abilities and it was an enthusiastic match. Su Xiaomo was so absorbed that she didn’t notice that Li Fanxing had snuck up to An Xiaxia…

“I have something to tell you. It’s about Song Qingchen’s real identity,” she whispered. An Xiaxia eyed her suspiciously, so Li Fanxing doubled the stakes. “And the truth about Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart.”

An Xiaxia wavered. Seeing this, Li Fanxing made a sincere promise. “Don’t worry. There are so many people here. Even if I wanted to do something to you, they’d find out immediately.”

“… Fine.”

Li Fanxing smiled in satisfaction and led An Xiaxia to another section of the pool.

“Song Qingchen is the daughter of the Song family, but she’s not Song Qingchen.” Li Fanxing sneered. “She’s just Mr. Song’s illegitimate daughter from before, who came back using Song Qingchen’s name!”

“What about Sheng Yize’s childhood sweetheart…”

“That’s right. She’s not her.” Li Fanxing swam backwards and An Xiaxia followed her involuntarily. She missed her step and sank into the water.

Li Fanxing swam to the other side of the deep-water area unhurriedly, and only when she saw An Xiaxia flail with all four limbs did she make a show of crying out, “Help! Someone’s drowning!”