Chapter 483: Is Her Memory Coming Back?

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“What’s happening? Who’s drowning?”

“Hey, check around. See who’s not here!”

“Xiaxia? Shit! An Xiaxia!” Su Xiaomo shouted and the two men who were still racing turned around immediately, heading for the spot where An Xiaxia was struggling.

Li Fanxing hid in the crowd after that.

Teehee. She deserved it.

She gloated.

An Xiaxia held her breath involuntarily under the water.

Everywhere she turned, she saw nothing but water, which gave her the illusion that she was floating.

After her initial struggles, she gradually turned still.

There was a throbbing pain in her head and grotesque images flashed past her eyes, as if a chaotic memory was coming to the surface…

She couldn’t remember who she was all of a sudden, as if she had a million memories. She tried to hold onto them, but caught nothing.

With a splashing sound, someone dove in. He arrived at her side as if he was surrounded by a thousand beams of light.

He held her by her waist with a face full of panic. However, she was frighteningly docile and didn’t wrap herself around him the way a normal drowning person would.

A couple of seconds later, Sheng Yize brought her up to the surface and waded quickly toward the side of the pool.

Qi Yanxi resurfaced as well. He took a few breaths and smiled bitterly.

Their well-matched abilities had just been for show. Sheng Yize had been humoring him the whole time.

He didn’t want to humiliate him.

However, Qi Yanxi was glad that Sheng Yize had rescued An Xiaxia in time.

Little Dummy Xia… Please be alright.

The whole incident had lasted no more than two minutes and everyone was shocked. Sheng Yize carried An Xiaxia to the side, but he suddenly froze.

The girl in his arms spurted out several mouthfuls of water and her eyes were unfocused. She murmured timidly, “Dad… Don’t hit me… I’ll be good…”

Tears welled up in Sheng Yize’s eyes as the greatest panic swamped him.

There was no way Papa An would hit her. Had she remembered the foster father that used to abuse her?

No… No…

Please don’t. Please don’t remember him…

As Sheng Yize called her name anxiously, An Xiaxia’s head dropped to one side and she passed out.

The hospital.

Sheng Yize leaned back in a chair as he listened to Papa An and the physician-in-charge discuss An Xiaxia’s condition.

After what seemed like forever, Papa An finally walked out. Sheng Yize went up to him right away. “Uncle… Is Xiaxia…”

He choked a little on his sobs. “Is she getting her memory back?”

“Don’t worry. The suffocating feeling during the drowning probably stimulated her brain, that’s all.” Papa An sighed. “The doctor in charge of her psychological treatment back then was the best in the country, and Xiaxia hasn’t remembered anything in such a long time. The doctor and I both agree that at most they were broken images. It’s impossible for her to remember it all.”

Sheng Yize sat back in the chair, feeling a sense of relief wash over him.

Good. That was good.

She wouldn’t remember it. She would still be that carefree An Xiaxia, his happy little fool.

The nurse called out from inside the ward, “Miss An is awake!”

A group of doctors and Sheng Yize rushed into the room. Sheng Yize was the first to reach her bed, but she looked past him and her gaze landed on a doctor standing at the back.

The doctor was around forty years old with nice features, but looked a little stern.

“Zhou Bo…” she murmured a name. Sheng Yize held her hand and chuckled. “Dummy, what’re you talking about?”

Papa An swayed and said in a trembling voice, “Zhou Bo… Zhou Bo was the name of that foster father!”

Sheng Yize’s smile froze on his face.