Chapter 484: Why Are You My Boyfriend?

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An Xiaxia didn’t seem to notice what she had just said at all. She blinked her big eyes, which were as clear and innocent as ever.

“Xiaxia… What else do you remember?” Papa An asked nervously.

Back then, An Xiaxia wasn’t only injured physically, but more importantly, she had been traumatized psychologically.

No small child could be abused for 18 months and come out of it unscathed.

Her psychological therapy had last for three years on and off, and it had gone very well the entire time.

Why was this happening now…

“Zhou Bo is coming to pick me up… He said he was going to take me home,” An Xiaxia mumbled, then looked at Papa An in confusion. “Dad, but I have a home. Why is he taking me away?”

The big hand holding hers tightened its grip at her words. The pain made An Xiaxia look up at Sheng Yize in bewilderment.

“Aren’t you that celebrity? Why are you here?” she asked, looking baffled.

Sheng Yize’s breath turned shallow as he stared at An Xiaxia in disbelief.

An Xiaxia tilted her head and frowned. “No, that’s not it… You’re my boyfriend. Hm… why are you my boyfriend?”

“What else can you remember?” Sheng Yize’s voice trembled.

An Xiaxia thought hard, then shut her eyes, looking unwell. “My head hurts…”

Sheng Yize held her hand and struggled to keep his panic at bay. “Stop thinking, then. Get some rest. Everything will be fine when you wake up again.

An Xiaxia nodded obediently, closed her eyes, and went back to sleep.

Turning around, he saw Papa An exchange a look with the doctors, then mouth at him, “Her memories are all jumbled.”

Sheng Yize summoned all the doctors from all the hospitals the Sheng family owned, and they held a group consultation that same night for a possible treatment.

Sheng Yize stayed by her side. An Xiaxia looked troubled in her sleep, as if she was being haunted by nightmares. A fine sheen of sweat covered her forehead and she kept murmuring things.

“Xiaxia… I’m here. Don’t be scared…” he comforted her in a low voice. An Xiaxia seemed to hear his words in her sleep and gradually calmed down.

Sheng Yize felt as if there was a heavy stone in his heart and he heaved a long sigh.

Papa An had told him about the approach with the least risk, which was to reintroduce the psychological therapy so that she could forget what had happened all over again.

“Don’t remember it… Xiaxia, you only need to know what you know now. There’s nothing you need from back then…” Sheng Yize whispered gently.

He didn’t want her to recall those dark memories. He didn’t want her to live in fear and panic.

He’d rather that she forget everything.

Even if that everything included himself, as long as she could live a pain-free life.

When An Xiaxia woke up the next morning, she found a kind female doctor sitting by her bed, who struck up a conversation with her.

Her voice was gentle and cheerful and An Xiaxia soon began to warm up to her. She told her all about her confusing memories.

“There was this uncle who kept saying he was taking me back home and asking me to call him dad… And I was on my brother’s back, hitting other kids with stones. I was trashing Sheng Yize on Weibo, but all of a sudden, he’s my boyfriend…” An Xiaxia said with vexation. “I can’t tell what is real and what isn’t…”

After finding out what was going on, the doctor rubbed her hair with a smile. “That’s alright. Just let it be if you can’t figure it out. Now, how about we go outside and sit in the sun for a bit?”


The doctor led her to the garden for a walk and An Xiaxia was tired after a while, so she sat down on a bench to take a break.

Someone asked in a gentle and nice voice, “Are you An Xiaxia?”