Chapter 485: You Like Him, He Likes Me

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An Xiaxia looked up and saw a tall and handsome teenager. He was over 180cm, but had a shy smile.

Sensing her gaze, he smiled mildly at her and pointed at the empty spot next to her. “May I sit here?”

“Hm… Yes!” An Xiaxia nodded.

The boy briefly introduced himself after sitting down. “I’m Qi Yue and I’m an Rh negative like you.”

Is he trying to hit on me? An Xiaxia’s head was in the clouds. “Hello…”

“I just wanted to tell you that you don’t have to worry about Song Qingchen anymore. I have the same blood type as her and all my vitals fit. I donated my bone marrow to her.” Qi Yue’s voice was as gentle as his character. The low and unhurried tone reminded her of the sound of a cello.

Song Qingchen… An Xiaxia tried her best to recall that name, which only made her look dumbfounded. Qi Yue couldn’t help but rub her little head. “That’s ok. Don’t push yourself.”

An Xiaxia pouted. “I remember. She’s ill, isn’t she? Since you’ve donated yours to her, I don’t have to. Thank you.”

Qi Yue smiled, his face a little pale. It was clear that he had just gotten his blood drawn.

“Yes. In that way, that person won’t have to worry about you anymore.” There was something unsaid between his lines and he sounded a little envious.

“Qi Yue! What are you doing here?” someone bellowed and Qi Yue was dazed for a second before he recognized the roguish teenager a short distance away. He said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I’m leaving now.”

“Off you go!” Qi Yanxi waved at him impatiently.

Qi Yue looked as if he was used to being treated this way. After saying goodbye to An Xiaxia, he promptly left.

Qi Yanxi ran to An Xiaxia’s side and asked in a conflicted tone, “D- do you still remember who I am?”

“Of course.” An Xiaxia rolled her eyes at him, which looked adorable. “I don’t have amnesia.”

“Good…” Qi Yanxi was noticeably relieved. He then sat down beside her without waiting for an invitation.

An Xiaxia asked curiously, “Do you know that man just then? You two have the same family name!”

Qi Yanxi looked like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. He roared, “No, I don’t! Why should I?! He’s just a walking blood bank! Hmph!”

“You’re heartless…” An Xiaxia mumbled, then moved away from him on the bench and looked at him with frightened eyes. “Did you use to bully me?”

“Shit! Forget about that! Now!” Qi Yanxi yelled and spluttered.

An Xiaxia wiped her face innocently. “But I really think…”

Before she could finish, Qi Yanxi squeezed her cheeks hard and said intimidatingly, “Do you remember I like you, then?”

“Do you?” An Xiaxia felt her head begin to hurt again.

Qi Yanxi smiled mesmerizingly. “You can start to remember that now.”

“Didn’t you like Sheng Yize?” An Xiaxia looked at him sincerely.


“You drank from his bottle… smoked his cigarette… and he tricked you into wearing a skirt… you didn’t get mad when he called you Flower Qi…” As An Xiaxia enumerated all these, the smile on Qi Yanxi’s face faded.

Damn it. Didn’t Sheng Yize say that her memories were all messed up from the incident?

Why on earth could she remember so many details?!

“But he’s my boyfriend. You like him, but he likes me… Hm, are you trying to get back at me?” An Xiaxia eyed Qi Yanxi, looking alarmed.