Chapter 486: Animal Sheng the Overprotective Boyfriend

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Qi Yanxi wouldn’t dignify that question with an answer.

“G- go… go away! I’ll scream!” An Xiaxia pointed at him warily.

Qi Yanxi gritted his teeth. “Scream all you want!”

“Aaah — I don’t do bromance! I’m a girl, not a trans!” The high-pitched voice of a girl rang out in the garden.

Patients and medical staff passing by darted scornful looks at Qi Yanxi.

“Tsk, tsk. People nowadays!”

“That’s so desperate! Love a man all you want, but why go after a girl?”

“That’s mental! Should we call security?”


Qi Yanxi tilted his head back and rolled his eyes. An Xiaxia was going to scream again and he covered her mouth in a hurry. In a humiliated tone, he surrendered. “Fine! I apologize! Stop shouting!”

“Qi Yanxi, what do you think you’re doing?” Sheng Yize arrived with a dark face. He kicked Qi Yanxi away and pulled An Xiaxia into his arms.

With her teary eyes, An Xiaxia looked like a fawn that had gotten lost in the mountains. Needless to say, it was Qi Yanxi’s doing.

Sheng Yize handed her to the doctor and began to roll up his sleeves unhurriedly.

Realizing that things were turning south for him, Qi Yanxi kept clearing his throat. “Shit! Are you trying to pick a fight? I’m telling you, that won’t scare me!”

After those words, he fled the scene as quickly as those long legs would take him.

Are you kidding me? He was no fool and he knew better than to challenge Sheng Yize when he was in a fury!

Sheng Yize stood there, utterly baffled. All he did was roll up his sleeves. Why had Qi Yanxi run away so fast?

That fellow was mental!

An Xiaxia’s therapy started on a sunny afternoon. She followed that female doctor into the ward, while Sheng Yize waited for her outside.

He sat on the bench in silence as the view outside turned from a sunny day to a starry night and from dazzlingly bright to dark. He remained in that pose as he gazed in the direction of the ward without moving a muscle.

He had lost track of time when the female doctor finally walked out and smiled at him. “I’ve hypnotized Miss An and blocked the memories of her childhood. Her memory will stay confused for a few more days, though. With some proper rest, she’ll recover in no time.”

“Thank you.” Sheng Yize thanked her, then marched into the ward.

An Xiaxia was sleeping peacefully in bed. The starlight shone on her exquisite face, giving her a look as wonderful as an angel on earth.

He went up to her, held her in his arms, and rubbed his face in her nape.

“I’m so glad that you’re alright,” he said in a raspy voice.

After two days of recovery treatment, the doctor released An Xiaxia from the hospital. Sheng Yize was going to drive her back home himself when Flower Qi snuck into the backseat. Ignoring the bone-chilling look Sheng Yize gave him, he ordered casually, “Now, drive!”

“Are you asking to get your ass kicked?” Dark clouds seemed to have gathered around Sheng Yize’s head.

“Nope. I just want a ride to the An family home.” Qi Yanxi feigned a bashful voice, which raised An Xiaxia’s guard right away.

In her confused state, she had already categorized Qi Yanxi as a love rival! Those words brought her a sense of insecurity and she eyed him resentfully.

Qi Yanxi smiled crookedly. “Little Dummy Xia, stop staring at me so affectionately, or I’ll… shit!”

Sheng Yize hit the gas pedal all of a sudden, and not wearing his seatbelt, Qi Yanxi smashed into the back of the front seat. He cried out in pain and gave Sheng Yize the finger.

Animal Sheng, the overprotective boyfriend!

When they got out of the car at the An family home, An Xiaxia went up to Qi Yanxi tentatively and said in a pitiful voice, “Flower Qi, can you stop trying to take Sheng Yize away from me?”