Chapter 487: Let’s Sleep Together

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Qi Yanxi was just about to get out of the car and he almost fell out at An Xiaxia’s words!

“WHAT?” He looked at An Xiaxia with mouth agape.

An Xiaxia straightened her sleeves. “I know you like him, but… but could you not take him away from me… not after I’ve finally found such a handsome boyfriend…”

“There must be something wrong with your head! Why did they release you?” Qi Yanxi roared.

Where on earth had she gotten that idea from?! If he had to take someone away, that would be An Xiaxia, whom he would love to steal away from Sheng Yize, not the other way round!

What sort of plot was this?!

“Qi Yanxi, keep your voice done!” Sheng Yize glared at him, then held An Xiaxia’s hand and comforted her. “Don’t worry. I’m yours and no one’s taking me anywhere.”

Still not fully convinced, An Xiaxia went in with him. Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes and forced himself to follow suit.

Papa An had prepared a feast. Pitying his little daughter, he kept putting food in her bowl. “There, have some more.”

Even An Yibei didn’t tease An Xiaxia, which was very rare for him. Instead, he kept looking at her with a brooding expression.

Splash —

Outside, it began to rain. An Xiaxia immediately put down her bowl and went to watch the rain at the window like a little child.

Sheng Yize smiled a little. Just then, Papa An asked out of politeness, “The rain is quite heavy. How about the two of you stay for the night?”

He was going to decline when Qi Yanxi replied without hesitation, “That’s great!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

An Yibei darted Qi Yanxi a stern look. Qi Yanxi cringed and added, “Thank you, Uncle!”

Papa An smiled. “You’re welcome.”

“You can go back now. I’ll stay here tonight!” Qi Yanxi nudged Sheng Yize with his elbow, taunting him.

Sheng Yize snorted and turned to Papa An. “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Qi Yanxi: … You shameless man!

When An Xiaxia came out again in her pajamas, she heard An Yibei scolding the two teenagers in the living room.

“Hmph! Here are two duvets and two pillows! You two can sleep on the floor tonight!”

An Yibei the lawyer emanated his authoritative air. The two boys had each borrowed a set of An Yibei’s old pajamas and both had disheveled hair. It was a most wonderful scene.

Feeling that it would be her turn to get scolded next, An Xiaxia fled back to her room.

An Yibei adjusted his glasses, cast another stern look at the two teenagers on the floor, then grinned suddenly.

That was even scarier than his angry face. In unison, Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi shuddered involuntarily.

“Have you had enough to eat? How about some late night snacks?” An Yibei smiled and asked.

Blacky Sheng and Flower Qi shook their heads together. However, seeing the murderous look An Yibei gave them, they nodded in unison immediately.

“Good boys.” An Yibei smiled amiably, which gave them the creeps.

He went to the kitchen to prepare some side dishes, then took all the alcohol they had out of the fridge.

“There, have some more. A little drink is good for sleep…” An Yibei prompted. After much cajoling, tricking, and intimidating, he finally drank the two teenagers under the table.

An Yibei adjusted his glasses. These brats were still too young to be his equal!

They should pose no threat to his little sister after they were drunk! Nice!

An Xiaxia stumbled out to get some water in the middle of the night when she witnessed something unimaginable.

Qi Yanxi wouldn’t let go of Sheng Yize. “Let’s sleep together…”

Sheng Yize sounded cold as ice. “F**k off!”

“No, I won’t. My hands are cold… Let me warm up in your pants…” Qi Yanxi stuck his hands into the waistband of Sheng Yize’s pajama bottoms…

An Xiaxia: ???

Sheng Yize: !!!