Chapter 488: Say “Hubby”

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“You, you two…” An Xiaxia stared at them with mouth agape. Forget about the water — all she wanted to do now was scream.

Sheng Yize decided on the spot. He kicked Qi Yanxi away, rose to his feet, and covered An Xiaxi’s mouth.


An Xiaxia took a few shallow breaths and mumbled a little, gesturing at Sheng Yize to let go of her.

“What were you two doing? Why did he stick his hand in your…” Flushing, An Xiaxia pointed at his pants.

That was such a lewd image! Her world was falling apart!

Sheng Yize smacked his forehead in resignation. He was a better drinker than Qi Yanxi and hadn’t stayed drunk that long. However, that goofy Qi Yanxi acted like a puppy, squirming to his side and asking to hold him while he slept. Sheng Yize had had to kick him a few times to quiet him down. However, the fellow started up again after a while, which was what An Xiaxia had walked in on…

“Cold… so cold…” Qi Yanxi wailed, holding on to a table leg.

Speechless, Sheng Yize kicked a duvet to his side. Pulling it over his head and still holding the table leg, Qi Yanxi soon fell asleep. He even snored a little.

Turning around, Sheng Yize saw that the little woman was still standing there, looking baffled. His eyes seemed to turn darker at this sight and he picked her up in both arms. He even locked the door behind him.

An Xiaxia panicked. “Wh- what are you doing…”

“There, there. Let’s go to bed,” he whispered in An Xiaxia’s ear.

An Xiaxia flushed right away. Now that she thought about it, she seemed to be taking advantage of him.

This celebrity boyfriend had just come out of nowhere and he was so handsome and gentle!


She nibbled on a corner of her pillow bashfully as Sheng Yize lay down, holding An Xiaxia’s soft body in his arms. His eyes half-closed in satisfaction.

This was so much better than holding that goofy fellow.

An Xiaxia squirmed in his arms. “Are you really my boyfriend?”

“… Hm.”

“Really really?”


“Teehee~” An Xiaxia giggled. “I feel like I just won the lottery. I never thought I’d have such a handsome boyfriend one day~”

That made Sheng Yize very happy. He raised An Xiaxia’s delicate wrist, and under the dim lamplight, put a bracelet on for her.

An Xiaxia lifted her hand to her eyes in wonder and saw a few tiny stones glitter brightly under the lamplight. She was amazed. “Wow! Look! Luminous stones!”

Sheng Yize gave her an embarrassed look and explained in a hopeless tone, “They’re diamonds.”

She opened her eyes wide right away and tried to take it off. “It’s too valuable! I can’t take it!”

“It’s ok…” Sheng Yize stopped her. “It’s for my girlfriend. She can take it, no matter how valuable it is.”

“Really?” An Xiaxia stared at him earnestly.

“Yes. But you have to promise me one thing.” Scheming Sheng began to set a new trap. “You’ll marry no one else but me.”

An Xiaxia practically had pink hearts bubbling out of her head and she nodded without hesitation. “Ok! I will!”

Sheng Yize was noticeably surprised. He had thought he would have to work for it, but a muddled An Xiaxia turned out to be much more gullible…

His eyes darted around before he took out his phone and smiled gently. “Say ‘Hubby’ and I’ll transfer you some pocket money.”

Pocket money?!

An Xiaxia’s face lit up. Wrapping her arms around him, she said sweetly, “Hubby~”

“Good girl.”

An Xiaxia lost count of how many times she called him that. She then tapped open the red envelope he transferred to her, was satisfied by his generosity, and then happily fell asleep.

Sheng Yize rejoiced. Well, she might be a little dumb, but luckily, he was the only one that was going to play tricks on her.