Chapter 489: Cutie, Marry Me

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The rain pattered down throughout the night.

Right now, at the He family home.

Su Xiaomo had appropriated He Jiayu’s computer to watch a cartoon, while the host himself was working diligently in the kitchen to… make her some brown sugar water.

She looked pale and had wrapped a blanket tightly around herself.

It smelled like He Jiayu: clean, refreshing, and with a dash of mint.

After the two of them finished the training session for the maths competition that afternoon, He Jiayu had said that he had a set of course materials for the competition and wondered if Su Xiaomo would like to see it.

Su Xiaomo replied “sure” too quickly and as a result, she was here…

She was in fact quite reluctant and had turned all coy and shy outside the door.

Was she going to meet his parents? Oh my…

However, that didn’t last even three seconds before He Jiayu said with a smile, “Don’t worry. I share the place with Fengfeng and he’s out at a public event. I’m the only one home now.”

Then, the little maternal instinct inside Su Xiaomo woke up…

He was living all by himself…

An image immediately popped into Su Xiaomo’s head as she pictured He Jiayu living a similar life to hers, where apart from going to school, he hid in the day, came out at night, lived off takeout, and didn’t care much about cleaning up.

She patted He Jiayu’s shoulder sympathetically, which made him give her a confused look.

“I’ll keep you company and have dinner with you tonight!” And I’ll order some nice takeout for you , Su Xiaomo thought in her head.

However, her legs almost gave out when she stepped into the place.

The windows and furniture were nice and clean, the room was tiny and looked cozy… It was ten thousand times better than her own pigsty!

Su Xiaomo cried inwardly. Little did she expect that because of her “keep you company,” He Jiayu then prepared a feast for her.

And he cooked every dish himself!

The food was so delicious that it almost brought tears to Su Xiaomo’s eyes.

This was what life was supposed to be like! Her own way of living was survival at best!

Before they finished eating, it began to pour outside.

What was more embarrassing was… she got her period.

Su Xiaomo pressed her legs tightly together and looked as if she wanted to bang her head against the wall.

He Jiayu asked mildly, “What’s wrong?”

“… Heh.” Su Xiaomo forced a smile. Seeing the awful color of her face, He Jiayu put down his bowl, went up to her, and felt her forehead. “Do you have a fever?”

His minty scent drifted toward her, making her want to dodge involuntarily.

“I don’t!” she said loudly, then her voice trailed off. “It’s just a periodic loss of blood… hohoho…”

He Jiayu somehow understood this abstract metaphor right away. He put on his shoes and fetched an umbrella, then turned around and asked, “Which brand do you use?”


“Pads or tampons? Which brand? Day or night ones? Do you need the leak-proof type?” He Jiayu asked without batting an eyelash.

Thump —

Su Xiaomo fell off her chair and stared at He Jiayu with an open mouth.

Bro, where did you learn all that?

He stood there elegantly. The rain was pouring down behind him, but there was nothing but warmth in his eyes.

Su Xiaomo’s cheeks slowly turned pink.

In the end, he bought the brand she asked for, which was quite a girly one. Su Xiaomo almost couldn’t look at him when she took it.

He Jiayu filled a hot water bottle and wrapped a towel around it to warm her belly. He even moved the computer into the bedroom and played her favorite cartoon. He then went to the kitchen to make her some brown sugar water.

Su Xiaomo had been living by herself for many years now and it was her first time enjoying such treatment.

When He Jiayu came in to give her the brown sugar water, she couldn’t help but tease him again. “Cutie, marry me.”