Chapter 49: Going To a Concert Together With Him (4)

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Sheng Yize narrowed his black and brooding eyes. “Do you have a problem with that?”

“Of course! How can you go to my idol’s concert?! None of us will welcome you…” An Xiaxia hastily covered her mouth.

Oh, no! She nearly revealed the fact that she was an anti-fan of Starry Night.

She corrected herself quickly with a roar. “Are you going to the concert or not? How naggy!”

A black cloud appeared over Sheng Yize’s head. She was the first person who dared to say he was a naggy man!

“The driver is waiting for us outside,” he answered simply.

“Really? Then I’ll bring that thing!” An Xiaxia cheerfully ran upstairs. After a short while, she came back downstairs with a huge fluorescent board. Upon seeing it, Sheng Yize’s lips immediately twitched.

“You’re bringing this?” Staring at the brightly colored words such as “Rong Che, I love you” and “Muaaa, my husband” on it, Sheng Yize couldn’t keep calm anymore.

An Xiaxia nodded seriously. “Of course. My idol may notice me if I lift this.”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

“Are you bothered by this? If so, I can go by myself.” An Xiaxia flung the board over her shoulder and intended to hail a taxi.

However, Sheng Yize snatched her fluorescent board away in the next second. Sheng Yize easily held something that was heavy for her as if it was a ball of cotton in his hand.

“Go!” Sheng Yize almost forced the word from his mouth.

Going to Rong Che’s concert was troublesome enough… He even had to carry this thing for her!

An Xiaxia gave him a dubious look. When she confirmed Sheng Yize really was going with her, her expression became strange.

On the way to the concert, she still didn’t understand.

Why was this guy going to Rong Che’s concert? Wasn’t it said that he didn’t get along well with Rong Che?

Soon, they arrived at the concert and both were holding VIP front row tickets.

The people who could afford this kind of ticket were the likes of the nouveau riche, celebrities, online influencers, reporters, and so on.

Surrounded by these well-dressed and fashionable people, Sheng Yize, who was carrying a fluorescent board, looked like an oddball.

He threw An Xiaxia the board with a sour look. “Hold it yourself.”

“Humph… ashamed, are you?” An Xiaxia curled her lip and mindlessly lifted the board. When Rong Che came on stage, she shouted excitedly, “Oppa! Oppa! Hubby! Hubby!”

The people around them all turned to look at An Xiaxia.

Sheng Yize lowered his voice. “Can you keep your voice down?”

An Xiaxia was frustrated. How could she possibly keep her voice down when she was watching her idol’s concert?

Lifting the board with difficulty, she looked unhappy.

Sheng Yize caught a glimpse of her expression and frowned.

What was wrong with him… Why did he get angry at her? Even though he and Rong Che had beef with each other, Rong Che was the idol she really liked after all.

Finally, Sheng Yize came round. He took the fluorescent board back without a word and lifted it above his head under the puzzled gaze of An Xiaxia. He looked like there was no meaning to life.

Pfft —

An Xiaxia burst out laughing.

“If you laugh again, it’ll be considered a violation of the contract!” Sheng Yize threatened, grinding his teeth.

An Xiaxia covered her mouth and held back her laughter with much difficulty. “Oh, dear… I can’t. It’s so funny. I must take a picture as a keepsake.”

She quickly took several pictures with her phone. Sheng Yize couldn’t stand it any longer. Carrying the fluorescent board in one hand, he dragged An Xiaxia with the other hand toward the exit.

“Mhm… what are you doing? The concert hasn’t finished yet. My Rong Che oppa…” An Xiaxia almost burst into tears.