Chapter 490: I’ll Take Responsibility for He Jiayu

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He Jiayu’s hand jolted and he nearly spilled the brown sugar water.

He somehow managed to steady himself and put the pleasantly warm bowl in her hands, telling her to drink it. He then said unhurriedly, “I don’t have any plans to marry into your family just yet.”

Pfft —

Su Xiaomo spurted out half a mouthful of brown sugar water, and it splashed all over He Jiayu’s face.

She was dumbfounded, but He Jiayu remained as calm as ever. He wiped his face with a tissue and asked casually, “Could we maybe choose another target next time?”

“Hm…” Su Xiaomo was so embarrassed that she wanted to kill herself. She explained in a flurry, “I was only joking and nothing more. Please don’t take it the wrong way! I’m the most upright and pure girl there is!”

He Jiayu gave her a look. The person who read countless X-rated comics had just sworn that she was upright and pure. The corner of his mouth twitched involuntarily.

He took the empty bowl and left the room. Su Xiaomo slowly got under the duvet and closed her eyes.

Her belly was warm and her stomach warmer. Every cell in her body felt so comfortable.

So, this was how it felt to be taken care of.

If she could make a wish, it would be for time to freeze at that moment.

It was a moment of warmth that she couldn’t let go of once she had a taste of it.

It rained all night long before finally stopping the following morning. The sun popped out from behind the clouds and shone on everything below. The air felt cool and fresh.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes to find the spot next to her empty. The lingering warmth on the sheets was the only evidence that someone had held her in his arms the whole night.

Opening her door, she saw Sheng Yize kneeling on the floor as he swiftly folded his duvet into a neat stack. Qi Yanxi, on the other hand, looked disheveled. He mumbled, “Shit! My back hurts… Did someone hit me last night? Sheng Yize, was it you?”

An Xiaxia watched as Sheng Yize, the culprit, shrugged innocently. “Was it? How am I supposed to know when even you yourself can’t remember.”

Qi Yanxi rubbed his head, looking baffled. Sensing that he was being unreasonable, he pursed his lips and didn’t press the issue.

He yawned and rubbed his hands together. “It’s so cold…”

He then breathed into his hands, which immediately reminded An Xiaxia where his hands had been the previous night. It felt so wrong.

Su Xiaomo got up early that morning. In order to show her gratitude for He Jiayu’s care, she decided to go out and buy him some breakfast.

Humming a tune, she opened the door. Outside, a middle-aged woman was just about to press the doorbell. Their eyes met and both were dazed.

After eyeing each other embarrassedly for a while, the woman walked in, still looking surprised. He Jiayu had just come out of the shower and was putting on a shirt as he sat on the sofa.

“You – you two…” the woman stammered, but didn’t know what to say. He Jiayu turned around at her voice and looked equally surprised.

After a moment of silence, he asked, “Mum, what are you doing here?”

Mum? This woman was his mother?

Su Xiaomo was astonished!

She recalled that degenerate woman she had seen the other night, and couldn’t connect her to this gentle and graceful woman in front of her.

She stuttered, “Um, Auntie, nothing happened between your son and me! I didn’t do anything to him!”

The woman covered her mouth. Su Xiaomo was going to offer a further explanation when she tripped on the step at the doorway and landed on her knees right at Mother He’s feet.

He Jiayu was speechless.

Mother He: …

In the end, Mother He reacted first. She went to help Su Xiaomo to her feet. “Dear young lady, you don’t have to be this courteous.”

Feeling hopeless, Su Xiaomo simply decided to go all in. She summoned up her courage and said, “Auntie, don’t worry. I’ll take responsibility for He Jiayu!”