Chapter 491: Do Get Up And Let’s Talk

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He Jiayu faltered noticeably and he eyed Su Xiaomo in disbelief.

Did this woman even know… what she was talking about?

He smacked his forehead hopelessly.

Mother He was astonished. After quite a while, she finally forced a smile and said, “There… do get up. Let’s talk.”

He Jiayu hurried over and helped Su Xiaomo to her feet.

Su Xiaomo rubbed her knees and grimaced. Shit, that hurt!

“We can talk later. Have some breakfast now.” Mother He put down the two bags in her hand. In them were steaming hot porridge, refreshing side dishes, and translucent shrimp dumplings. Everything looked scrumptious.

Seeing that Su Xiaomo was practically drooling, He Jiayu sighed inwardly and said gently, “Let’s eat.”

He then led Su Xiaomo to the dining table and sat her down. Mother He looked delighted — she hadn’t expected that he would accept it.

Was it because of this girl?

After breakfast, Su Xiaomo made no more jokes or quips. She politely bade Mother He farewell, then declined He Jiayu’s offer and left quickly to get herself a taxi.

Mother He smiled gingerly. “Did you like the breakfast?”

He Jiayu nodded, which made Mother He cry out joyfully, “I’ll make you some more next time.”

He Jiayu smiled scornfully. “That won’t be necessary.”

There was nothing but disdain in his eyes.

Mother He’s mood took a rollercoaster dive to the bottom.

“I’m sorry… I’ll close the business if you don’t like it… I’ve sold the karaoke house and the bar already… Jiayu, can you forgive me?” She looked at her son with tears in her eyes.

She wasn’t a “good woman.” Her husband died young and everyone had blamed it on her. She wouldn’t yield to all the gossip and made a living selling liquor. In the end, she opened the largest karaoke house chain in Yu City, together with many nightclubs and bars that tended to be on the seedy side. She made a lot of money and could look down on all those people that used to laugh at her.

But her only son despised her.

She could understand. After all, she had brought nothing but humiliation and filth to his life… She wasn’t a good mother and she didn’t ask for forgiveness. All she wanted was for He Jiayu to accept her love for him.

Despite the smile that was a like a spring breeze on He Jiayu’s face, there was a chasm between mother and son. He walked past Mother He and left.

Mother He’s shoulders trembled and she cried into her palms.

Because the doctor had said that living a normal life would help with An Xiaxia’s recovery, Sheng Yize brought her to school.

She could remember most of her classmates, but her memories were still in a jumble. She would mix up people and what they had done, and she constantly made a fool of herself.

She sat in her seat in frustration and wouldn’t talk to anyone. Qi Yanxi wanted to tease her and threw a few paper balls in her direction.

An Xiaxia glared at him and raised her hand.

Tang Yijun smiled. “An Xiaxia, do you have questions about this period in history?”

“Mr. Tang, he’s throwing trash everywhere!” An Xiaxia pointed at Qi Yanxi.

Pfft —

The rest of the class guffawed. Qi Yanxi’s face turned dark. He scanned the room with his eyes, which stopped the laughter instantly.

“According to class rules, he should be punished with cleaning duty for a week,” Sheng Yize, the overprotective boyfriend, added casually.

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes at the ceiling. Fine! He would leave this couple alone!

He then rolled together a few paper balls and threw them at Su Xiaomo. As soon as class was over, Su Xiaomo hopped onto his desk and wrapped her hands around his neck.

“Go to hell!”

Flower Qi: Dead.

C.O.D: Childish behavior.