Chapter 492: Does Flower Qi… Cry As Well?

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Qi Yanxi’s eyes rolled back into his skull as he mumbled, “I’m warning you, I’ll hit a woman when I need to! I… I… Ouch!”

He Jiayu kicked his chair and Qi Yanxi fell on his butt on the floor. The muscles on his face twitched from the pain.

“Sorry. I didn’t watch where I was going.” He Jiayu looked apologetic.

Lips trembling, Qi Yanxi looked from the ferocious Su Xiaomo to the gentle He Jiayu.

Another couple now?

Gosh. What a painful realization!

Devil Qi had drawn the attention of the entire class. However, a girl shrieked in the corridor at that moment and everyone rushed to the windows and the doors. Holding hands, An Xiaxia and Su Xiaomo joined them.

Outside, the sun was shining brightly. A teenager in a white shirt walked through the corridor with an impassive face. He had handsome features, wide shoulders, and long legs. His black eyebrows and pupils reminded one of a black-and-white landscape painting. There was a natural charm to his movements.

As he walked past the windows, many girls shrieked and everyone talked animatedly.

“Wow, where did this cutie come from?”

“My heart is going to explode… Aww! I heard he’s the new arts student who just transferred here. He plays the violin!”

“He’s such a prince! Picture! Take a picture!”

The girls all around them smiled infatuatedly. Even Su Xiaomo felt like drooling. “Gosh… He’s so handsome. That waist, those legs…”

He Jiayu stared at her for a few seconds and frowned.

An Xiaxia rubbed her head. “Don’t you think he looks familiar? I think I’ve seen him somewhere…”

“Tch, your brain isn’t working properly. You definitely remembered it wrong,” Su Xiaomo remarked scornfully. An Xiaxia put her hand on her chest, feeling hurt again.

However, when that boy reached Class C, he stopped and knocked on the window, and looked right into An Xiaxia’s eyes.

An Xiaxia was dazed for two seconds before she opened the window.

The teenager looked down at her and asked in a beautiful voice, “Are you An Xiaxia?”

Jeez, why were there so many people asking her that question these days?


The teenager raised his chin. “I’ll see you around.”

He promptly left after those baffling words, leaving behind a roomful of girls who were now eyeing An Xiaxia enviously.

An Xiaxia cringed back and her brain, which hadn’t been working properly these days, finally cleared up for once. It dawned on her then. “Momo, he’s that boy you called the ‘ultimate bottom’ from the music festival! The one who looked stunning when he played his violin!”

“It’s him! He looks even better up close!” Su Xiaomo leaned on the windowsill and drooled over the boy in the distance. “I’m going to make him my comic character!”

“Shit! Why is he here?” Qi Yanxi cursed, kicked over two rows of desks, and left the classroom with a malicious look on his face.

An Xiaxia jumped at the noise he made. “What’s going on?”

“Apparently Puppy Qi is having one of his tantrums again. Get your rabies shot ready, everyone.”


An Xiaxia didn’t think much of it. However, when she got back home that night, she found a drunk Qi Yanxi there.

Qi Yanxi was a unique kind of drunkard. For someone so arrogant when he was clear-headed, he became the most adorable and pitiful thing when he was drunk. He shook Papa An’s arm with grievance, looking like a little kid who refused to grow up.

Papa An rubbed his head to console him and he sobbed like a little wife. Seeing An Xiaxia come in, Qi Yanxi trotted toward her right away.

An Xiaxia felt the hot liquid on her neck and was baffled.

Did Flower Qi… cry as well?