Chapter 494: You’ve Let Your Father Down

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Sheng Yize stood there and eyed the duo coldly with his arms crossed as he emanated an intimidating aura.

He went up to them and kicked Qi Yanxi to the side, rescuing An Xiaxia from his arms.

Qi Yanxi fell to the floor and howled, “You’re not taking her away from me! Sob … Xiaxia, Xiaxia, I need your hug!”

An Xiaxia was getting a headache from this ridiculous tantrum. “You didn’t have to hit him…”

At her caring words for Qi Yanxi, the look in Sheng Yize’s eyes turned colder. He snorted and squatted down in front of Qi Yanxi.

“Why, Flower Qi, drunk, are we?” Sheng Yize could tell immediately and was scornful.

Flailing his limbs, Qi Yanxi managed to sit up. He then glared at Sheng Yize and spat at the latter childishly.

Sheng Yize dodged easily. He then pointed at An Xiaxia and asked, “Do you know who she is?”

“An Xiaxia! She’s An Xiaxia! I’m not stupid!” Qi Yanxi replied without hesitation.

Sheng Yize patted his shoulder sympathetically. “I’m sorry to inform you, but she’s my girlfriend. You don’t stand a chance. Now, roll over and go to bed.”

Drunk Flower Qi stared at him speechlessly as he felt his young heart shatter.

Sheng Yize rubbed his head. “Go ahead. Roll over and go to sleep.”

Qi Yanxi glared at him, hiccuped, then heroically… threw up all over Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize: … Get your ass here and let me kill you!

After emptying his stomach, Qi Yanxi fell back on the floor in satisfaction, then fell asleep.

Seeing how drunk Qi Yanxi was, Papa An suggested letting him stay for the night. However, recalling the awkward situation the previous night, Sheng Yize’s face went dark. He dragged Qi Yanxi to his feet and said, “I’ll drive him home.”

Qi Yanxi was then thrown into the backseat and a blanket tossed over him. He snored and slept soundly.

Sheng Yize then drove Qi Yanxi back to the Qi family home himself. Hearing that Qi Yanxi had come back, Mu Li hurried out to greet him.

The quiet, pretty girl supported Qi Yanxi, her face fraught with worry. “What happened?”

“Nothing. He’s just drunk,” Sheng Yize said indifferently. He then saw the tears on Mu Li’s face and frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Mu Li bit her lip. “The master has… has had a stroke. He’s still in the hospital… unconscious…”

Sheng Yize was dazed. He then took two bottles of water out of the small fridge in the car, unscrewed the caps, and emptied both bottles on Qi Yanxi’s face.

“Aaah —” Mu Li shrieked in astonishment.

The icy water and cry successfully woke Qi Yanxi up.

The alcohol had worn off a little after he slept the whole way in the backseat. His dark eyebrows knitted together as he asked, “What?”

Sheng Yize looked grim. “Get to the hospital now. It’s your dad!”

“He’s sick all the time and he practically lives in the sanatorium and hospital. I’m used to it already.” Qi Yanxi shrugged carelessly.

Exasperated by his tone, Sheng Yize punched him in the face. “You idiot! He’s in a coma now!”

Qi Yanxi swayed and turned pale.

The hospital.

Sheng Yize drove at lightning speed, taking Qi Yanxi and Mu Li to the hospital owned by the Qi family.

Qi Yanxi’s face was ghastly pale as he clutched his phone tightly.

The news of Father Qi’s condition had been blocked and even now he hadn’t received any messages!

Even Mu Li had been watched by the servants at home and couldn’t call him.

As soon as they got to the hospital, Lu He got wind of it and greeted them with broken sobs. “Yanxi, where have you been… You’ve let your father down!”

Instantly, some close relatives and several major shareholders looked at Qi Yanxi discontentedly.