Chapter 495: Why Did You Stand Me Up?

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“You’ve gone too far. Your dad is like this now, you could at least show some respect!”

“Exactly. How can we trust someone like you with the Qi Group!”

“Why, the Qi Group’s tradition has always been to select the most able man as leader. You can’t inherit it just because you share the family name.”


As the group of people reprimanded Qi Yanxi in various tones, Qi Yanxi cast a grim look at Lu He. His stepmother then made an affected effort to put in a good word for him. “Do forgive us, Yanxi is still a kid. He’s only a Year 1 high school student… Oh my, excuse me for my slip of the tongue…”

She covered her mouth and looked flustered. At her words, the complaints grew louder.

“You’re 19 and still in Year 1? That’s ridiculous!”

“I’ll never consent to hand the company over to someone like him!”

“Tsk, tsk. Kids are kids…”

Qi Yanxi clenched his fists and blue veins popped up on the back of his hands. He wanted to beat all these people into a pulp.

They couldn’t suck up to his father enough and would willingly lick his shoes when the old man was fine. As soon as something happened to his father, they put on another face!

And that Lu He, she was simply able to find every possible way to set him up!

At this critical moment, Sheng Yize squeezed Qi Yanxi’s hand and said a few words for him with a smile. “We were held up by some school business. Yanxi only just got the news of Uncle Qi falling ill and he’s having a very rough time at the moment. I hope we can all show some compassion.”

Seeing that the sole heir to the Sheng family had just spoken up for Qi Yanxi, the group of people fell silent. Sheng Yize darted Qi Yanxi a look, hinting that he should keep calm.

Qi Yanxi felt tears well up. He took a deep breath and hurried into the ward.

Lu He cast Sheng Yize a grim look when no one was looking, but Sheng Yize smiled blandly back at her.

Young Master Sheng was known for his level-headedness and resolute actions. That smile frightened Lu He out of her wits. Defeated, she waited on the side and didn’t dare stir up trouble for the moment.

Right now, at the An family home.

An Xiaxia looked at the handsome boy standing outside the door. It was none other than that transfer student who had created a sensation at school that morning.

Confused, she asked, “Can I help you?”

The teenager looked up and indolently scanned the room, which attracted the attention of quite a few young female customers.

“You were great with your violin. Why did you withdraw from the music festival?” the teenager questioned her in a cold voice.

An Xiaxia found the question strange. “Well… I dropped out, that’s all.”

The teenager frowned and scrutinized her. “It was disrespectful to your opponents, withdrawing like that!”

“Was it? Heh…” An Xiaxia forced a smile, finding the young man very peculiar.

He raised his chin. “I’m Yin Qinghan. I’ll wait for you in the piano room tomorrow at noon!”

After that haughty announcement, he bowed at Papa An, who had been watching on one side with an open mouth, and left at an unhurried pace.

An Xiaxia scratched her head and was going to go upstairs when Papa An stopped her by taking her wrist.

“Xiaxia, have you been getting a little too attractive these days?” Papa An looked concerned.

“I don’t even know him…” An Xiaxia felt that she was innocent.

Papa An sighed. “Don’t go tomorrow. I’m sure he just wants to ask you out! I know what goes on in the heads of these boys!”

“You have a point… I won’t go, then!” An Xiaxia nodded.

However, at noon the following day, Yin Qinghan, followed by his volunteer fan group, knocked on the window next to An Xiaxia’s seat again.

“Why did you stand me up?”