Chapter 497: You’re A Big Dummy!

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Yin Qinghan was surprised to see her lose her temper.

An Xiaxia took Sheng Yize’s hand. “We’re leaving!”

“Heh…” Sheng Yize chuckled and gave An Xiaxia a knowing look.

Many knew that his hand had been injured, but only An Xiaxia knew that he could never play the piano again.

She had gotten mad because she wanted to protect him.

The little woman puffed up her cheeks. Yin Qinghan knew little of what was going on in her head and could only tell that she was very angry.

What did he do to set her off?

Women were such indecipherable creatures.

“I’m sorry.” After some thought, he apologized good-naturedly.

An Xiaxia snorted and was going to drag Sheng Yize away when Yin Qinghan asked quietly, “Why did you withdraw? Are you not going to play anymore?”

Those words were like a dagger stabbing at An Xiaxia’s heart. It was so painful that she didn’t know how to reply.

Beside her, Sheng Yize squeezed her hand tight when he heard that.

This little fool… That was why he hadn’t seen her practice these days!

Because he couldn’t play the piano, she would give up the violin as well?

How foolish could she be!

But, that dumb decision made him… want to cry.

“I have my own reasons for withdrawing. It’s none of your business whether or not I’ll play the violin again. No matter what happens, it’ll be my own choice. I’ll live with all the consequences that come with it!” An Xiaxia didn’t try to evade again, but answered Yin Qinghan firmly.

He had injured his hand for her and had to abandon his dream. She covered her own in dust and never mentioned it, too.

Yin Qinghan narrowed his eyes and fixed his gaze on her for a while. He then chuckled.

“You really are very good.”

Giving up was always more difficult than starting out.

After all the effort she had put into it over the years, she could abandon it without hesitation just like that. Although it was a foolish decision, not many people had the courage to make it.

An Xiaxia didn’t want to say any more. She then left the piano room with Sheng Yize.

Once they got into the car, she was welcomed by a passionate kiss. An Xiaxia was pressed into the seat by Sheng Yize and he sucked so hard that the tip of her tongue turned numb. Her cheeks flushed, but instead of pushing him away, she gingerly kissed him back.

Sensing her tentative attempt, Sheng Yize’s pupils contracted. He then pulled her into his lap and deepened the kiss…

The driver put up the soundproof partition and drove in silence.

After the very long kiss, both were panting. An Xiaxia gasped for air, and seeing her clumsy movements, Sheng Yize couldn’t help but nibble her earlobe. “Dummy… little dummy…”

An Xiaxia wouldn’t have any of it and retorted, “You’re a big dummy!”

There were consequences for her choice of words…

Another kiss dropped. Afterwards, An Xiaxia’s eyes were teary and her eyelashes were damp, which only made Sheng Yize want to eat her up.

“Practice your violin and don’t talk about giving up. It’s a stupid decision.” He stroked her soft hair.

An Xiaxia lowered her head in grievance. “I don’t want to…”

“Just because I can’t play, you’ll stop practicing, too? Don’t you find your behavior childish?” Sheng Yize reprimanded her with a scowl. However, he couldn’t bring himself to scold her once he saw her pitiful face. He pinched her cheek lightly and said, “Be a good girl. You’ll make my heart ache.”

An Xiaxia blinked. “But you make my heart ache, too.”

She didn’t know how to express it and had to choose this stupid way.

Sheng Yize felt his heart melt. He surrendered.

“I haven’t said ‘I love you,’ have I?”