Chapter 498: All I Need Is You

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He said those words seriously in his deep, mellow voice, which caught An Xiaxia off-guard and made her blush.

“It’s not a big deal…” She knew his feelings for her and that was enough.

Sheng Yize held her face in his hands and said affectionately, “I love you. I love you very much.”

The view of the street flitted past outside, but all they could see was each other’s faces.

At school.

Because of the training session for the maths competition, Su Xiaomo missed the incident in the piano room, which had her moaning and groaning for a long time.

The maths teacher cast her a few stern looks, but she returned every one of them with an equally intense gaze.

The teacher didn’t know what to do and went out to get some water.

Bored, Su Xiaomo solved a few problems before an idea dawned on her. She tore off a piece of draft paper, cut it into small pieces with a utility knife, wrote some words on them, and pushed the pieces to He Jiayu.

He Jiayu looked up in confusion and Su Xiaomo gave her lively introduction. “I learned fortune-telling. Each of these strips has a character on it — one each of “metal,” “wood,” “water,” “fire” and “earth.” Pick one, and I’ll tell you your fortune based on your birthday and the five elements!”

He replied with an “oh,” took out a blank piece of paper, and handed it to Su Xiaomo.

Su Xiaomo’s face darkened. “Bro, are you trying to be funny? How am I going to tell you anything with a blank piece of paper? At least give me one of the five elements! Otherwise how am I supposed to know which element you lack and which will boost your luck?!”

He Jiayu smiled. “I think all I need is you.”

Su Xiaomo: (⊙o⊙)

She was dumbfounded.

The next second, her face lit up.

She was all pink and bubbly inside! Aww!

While everyone else seemed to be enjoying their love life, a pale-faced Qi Yanxi removed the needle from the back of his hand and walked out of the hospital.

He had lost count of the number of people he had met and the amount of alcohol he had gulped down in the past two days. Last night, he had been sent to the hospital for bleeding in his stomach.

But he didn’t have a choice. Father Qi was still in a coma and Lu He was up to no good, trying to get the shares of the Qi Group redistributed. All hell had broken loose in the Qi family and the stock price had slumped. He had no one to depend on apart from himself.

The only thing that had kept him going was the belief that the Qi Group couldn’t go to an outsider.

Although his old man was grumpy and liked to beat him up, he was still his father. Under these circumstances, Qi Yanxi had resolutely decided to stand by his father’s side.

His phone rang. It was from Father Qi’s assistant. After some thought, he said hesitantly, “You’ve tried all the possible options, but there’s one family that you could still consider.”

“Which is?”

“The Li family.”

After a very long silence, Qi Yanxi fought back the bloody taste in his mouth and said in an exhausted voice, “Alright.”

His car stopped outside the Li family home and the Li family servant welcomed him inside.

Father Li greeted him enthusiastically, but wouldn’t even mention the possibility of helping the Qi family. Throughout the meal, Qi Yanxi felt like he was eating cardboard.

“Uncle Li… Our families have always been quite close. All I need now is a word from you and a tiny bit of help…” Qi Yanxi pleaded in a humble tone. Father Li chuckled. “We’ll talk about it later. Here, try this dish…”

Li Fanxing darted Qi Yanxi a look and smiled scornfully.

Father Li then glanced at her and Li Fanxing took the hint immediately.

“Since he’s here, Dad, give the Qi family a hand.”

Qi Yanxi clenched his fists. He didn’t believe that Li Fanxing would speak for him that easily.

As expected, Li Fanxing went on casually, “But, Yanxi, you have to show some sincerity. How about going down on your knees? Maybe I’ll try to persuade my dad.”