Chapter 499: Will You Promise to Help Me If I Kneel?

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At those words, Li Canxing raised her head and gave her sister a strange look.

Li Fanxing didn’t even flinch, but her eyes were filled with hatred.

Qi Yanxi had humiliated her so many times previously and she remembered every single occasion!

Given the chaotic state the Qi family was in and their miserable stock price, she would never become involved in such a mess by sticking with Qi Yanxi. Even birds knew to scatter in the face of danger.

Qi Yanxi smiled and stared at her sarcastically.

How could he have been so blind back then?

“Will you promise to help if I kneel?” Qi Yanxi asked with a smile.

Li Fanxing only thought that he had lost his mind after everything he had gone through. Caressing her nails, she said, “I’ll put in a good word for you.”

She was thinking, “Like hell we’re going to help!”

All she wanted was to humiliate Qi Yanxi before the final coup de grace!

Only then could she give vent to her hatred!

Qi Yanxi grinned. Even in such a sorry state, he was as unruly and handsome as ever.

“YOU WISH!” he sneered. “Li Fanxing, thank you for giving me this opportunity to finally see you for who you are!”

There was nothing wrong with her being realistic, but what she just said had completely disappointed him!

Qi Yanxi rose to his feet, stood ramrod straight, then walked out without hesitation!

Li Fanxing shouted after him, “Hey, are you giving me attitude now? Walk out of this room and you’re never coming back! We’ll never help you!”

Qi Yanxi still left without looking back. Infuriated, Li Fanxing smashed all the plates on the floor.

Father Li gave her a perturbed look. “Are you sure about this? The Qi family is one of the four big families after all, and you know the saying, ‘A lean camel is bigger than a horse.’ As long as they can survive this, Qi Yanxi will be back on top in no time!”

“That won’t change anything, Dad. Qi Yanxi is through with me and I’ll achieve nothing with him.” Li Fanxing smiled brightly. “I have a plan already. I’m confident I’ll get the man I want…”

Father Li praised her, “Fanxing, you really are the daughter I’ve always wanted.”

“Thank you, Dad.” Li Fanxing looked at her father admiringly like a fervent believer.

Sitting beside them, Li Canxing felt like throwing up.

Her sister disgusted her!

Qi Yanxi drove around Yu City aimlessly and lost track of time. His face was impassive and his eyes were blank. It looked as if he had lost his soul.

He had turned from the revered heir of the Qi family to this castaway teenager overnight. What was left of his ego had stopped him from telling anyone at school.

Hence, no one had checked up on him to ask if he was doing ok.

Driving past a crossroad, Qi Yanxi was barely fighting back tears when his phone vibrated on the passenger seat.

He tightened his grip on the wheel and pulled over, then picked up with shaking fingers.

An Xiaxia’s sweet voice came from the other end. “Qi Yanxi, where are you now?”

He swallowed and could barely speak.

An Xiaxia complained, “Hello, Flower Qi? Are you doing something goofy again?”

“What do you need?” He feigned a calm voice.

“My dad made some spare rib soup and asked you to come over for dinner,” An Xiaxia said lightheartedly. “Come quick, or I’ll eat all the meat and leave you nothing!”

She then hung up. Qi Yanxi sat there dazed for a long time before he started the car again and headed for the An family home.

The An family.

The house was brightly lit and the atmosphere was very cozy.

Papa An gave Qi Yanxi a big bowl of soup. Holding the bowl, Qi Yanxi felt tears well up in his eyes…