Chapter 5: We Meet Again

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“Ah… Why aren’t you saying anything?” Kang Jian lightly nudged An Xiaxia’s arm.

An Xiaxia was so frustrated that words failed her. She felt as though she was dreaming.

She gave Kang Jian a hard pinch, and he grimaced from the pain as his tears almost came out.

“Why did you pinch me? Ouch, poor me, that was so painful,” Kang Jian said as he rubbed the wounded area, feigning weakness.

“It’s not a dream…” An Xiaxia muttered to herself.

Kang Jian found her reaction baffling and quietly muttered, “Who are those three? Why do they look so familiar?”

The teacher with the tightly curled hair who had been scolding them just now abruptly turned toward them and explained to Kang Jian in an exaggerated tone, “You don’t even know the group Starry Night? They’ve been the most popular group for the past two years! The leader Sheng Yize is handsome in a detached way. He can play the piano as well as compose music! There’s also the guitarist He Jiayu who’s so gentle and mild. His singing is so fine and affectionate, and he’s such a warm-hearted man. And then there’s the drummer Chi Yuanfeng, who’s an enchantingly beautiful youth, but adorkable at the same time! Their advertisements and shows are on every TV channel, so it’s only natural that you think they look familiar!”

Seeing the fanatic look which this teacher, who was at least thirty years old, had on her face, Kang Jian couldn’t help but shiver.

In conclusion, chasing celebrities was something women did regardless of age and generation.

Scary, it was just too scary!

“Tch, I suddenly remembered. Isn’t this the group you’re trashing all the time?” Kang Jian cheered up when he realized this. However, he noticed that An Xiaxia was biting her lip, not saying a word.

He was rather shocked and wanted to ask what was going on with her when a deep, attractive voice suddenly rang out on the stage. “I am Sheng Yize. It’s a pleasure to be your classmate for the next three years.”

“Wa–” The crowd below erupted as high-pitched screams and cheers filled the air.

“I am He Jiayu.”

“Chi Yuanfeng.”

The other two merely gave their names, but also triggered a round of cheering.

An Xiaxia felt the ground of the entire school rumble along with the sound.

The dean said “excuse me” into the microphone repeatedly before the crowd finally quieted down with much difficulty. He then pointed in An Xiaxia’s direction and said, “For our school opening ceremony today, I want to once again point out the two students from just now: what they did was simply preposterous! Since the founding of Qixia High sixty years ago, never has anyone ever climbed these walls to enter the opening ceremony! I hope all the other students heed this warning and regard this as a disgrace! Their actions are not to be repeated!”

At this moment, all eyes were on An Xiaxia and Kang Jian.

An Xiaxia lowered her head in embarrassment, genuinely feeling like crying but she had no tears to shed.

She felt that she was going to be as well-known as Starry Night at Qixia High.

The only difference was that the latter was famous and had the love of fans while she and Kang Jian… Well, apart from the shame and the stupidity, they didn’t seem to have any other merits.

No no, they still had their unbent spirits! At the thought of this, An Xiaxia felt her spirits lift a little and she raised her head, only to see many students pointing at her as they discussed and gossiped with judging stares, which frustrated her beyond description.

Suddenly, she felt a pair of exceptional eyes sweep over her, and she involuntarily turned to look.

She was dazed.

On the stage, the legendary national idol was staring directly at her.

Below, she was standing in the most conspicuous spot while being laughed at, which made her utterly flustered and at a loss.

For one moment, she saw the youth on the stage move his thin lips and mouth something at her.

“We meet again.”

An Xiaxia felt her cheeks flush. He actually recognized her!