Chapter 50: I Don’t Want to See You Again!

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Sheng Yize forced An Xiaxia to leave. She struggled and hit and bit him, but with a sour face, he refused to let her go.

It was after he dragged her out of the concert that An Xiaxia finally exploded with rage.

“Sheng Yize, you lunatic! Why did you do that? The tickets have been checked, now we won’t be allowed inside again!” An Xiaxia felt so hurt she nearly cried.

Sheng Yize’s expression was frosty. “Why do you like him so much? He might have a girlfriend. He doesn’t deserve to be idolized by you like this. Rong Che will never see what you do for him!”

“Why don’t you tell that to your fans?! Leave me alone. I like to be a fan and it’s my own business. I’m not harming anyone. You have no right to criticize me!”

An Xiaxia desperately shook off his restraining hand, turned around, and looked at the packed audience at the concert with a deeply frustrated and helpless feeling.

The hard-won opportunity to watch her idol up close in concert had been completely ruined by this demon.

Irritating! How irritating!

Sheng Yize seized her hard by the shoulders and turned her around roughly. “Are you sure you’re not harming someone else?” he said as he looked coldly at her.

“Yes!” An Xiaxia was too angry to care much about the contract at this point and answered back without a second thought. “You’re the one harming me! Go away! I don’t want to see you again!” she shouted, standing on tiptoe.

After hearing her angry words, Sheng Yize seemed to be angrier than she was. He gripped her shoulders harder and harder, which made her wince in pain.

“Let me go… Ouch…” She tried to pry his fingers open.

Seeing her disgruntled look, Sheng Yize slowly released his grip.

He took a deep breath. “Neither do I! Bye bye!”

What an ungrateful girl! He had spent many years looking for her. As it turned out, not only didn’t she remember him, she also always upset him.

Women were the most troublesome creatures in the world.

He swaggered off, leaving An Xiaxia to sulk there on her own.

An Xiaxia took another look at the concert a short distance away and disappointedly planned to take a taxi home.

But when she searched her pockets, she immediately panicked.

She searched again and confirmed one thing.

Damn it! She forgot to bring her purse out!

An Xiaxia kicked a small stone on the ground with a sad look.

Ever since meeting Sheng Yize, everything had been going wrong for her!

Bonk — the small stone hit the shin of a man a short distance away.

“Hey! Who kicked me? Do you have a death wish?” the man roared fiercely, which made An Xiaxia turn pale.

An Xiaxia focused her gaze and saw several men standing together. One of them held a bottle of beer and he looked pretty drunk.

An Xiaxia lamented inwardly, for she knew she was in trouble. She immediately apologized, “I’m sorry. I didn’t do it deliberately…”

“Hey, little girl, do you know it’s a crime to hurt people? Hehe…” The man stumbled toward her with his bottle of beer. When he saw An Xiaxia’s delicate features, an evil glint flashed in his eyes. “Come here… and help me take a good look… See if my injury is anything serious…”

He intended to catch An Xiaxia, which frightened her and made her cry out nonstop. The other two men broke into sly grins and didn’t show any intention of stopping him at all.

The man’s broad hand was going to grope An Xiaxia. She dodged in a fluster.

There were some people passing by, but all of them only swept their eyes over her and minded their own business.

At that moment, it was as if An Xiaxia realized what despair felt like.