Chapter 500: We’re Cool

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A little hand waved in front of his face, successfully stopping his tears.

“Do you have something in your eyes? Why are they so red?” An Xiaxia blinked and asked.

Qi Yanxi glared at her. “None of your business!”

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth and took all the spare ribs from his bowl. “Fine! Like I actually care!”

“Xiaxia, watch your manners,” Papa An scolded An Xiaxia, and gave Qi Yanxi a compassionate look.

He had seen in the financial news what was going on with the Qi family. Thinking back to the family members he had met last time, Papa An could imagine how tough it had to be for Qi Yanxi at the moment.

Unfortunately, he was only a coffee shop owner, and there was nothing he could do financially to help Qi Yanxi.

Making him some nice soup seemed to be the only support he could offer.

Qi Yanxi ate and joked around like any other normal day.

After dinner, Papa An patted him on the shoulder. “Sleep well tonight. No matter how tough life is, it’ll get better eventually.”

Qi Yanxi smiled broadly at Papa An. “Copy that.”

Before leaving, he saw that An Xiaxia was watching a variety show on TV and was rolling around on the floor, howling with laughter. The hollowness in his chest seemed to gradually fill up at that sound.

He went back in and held An Xiaxia by her shoulders.

“Hm… what are you doing?” An Xiaxia pushed him unhappily, for he was blocking her view.

The look on Qi Yanxi’s face was indecipherable as he said sincerely, “An Xiaxia, since we can’t be a couple, let me be your brother!”

I’ll make sure there’s always a smile on your face from now on.

What was this man doing? An Xiaxia looked dumbfounded.

“From this moment on, I’m your big brother!” He rubbed her head, then at a much quicker pace, he walked out without looking back.

It was as if he had thrown something away for good and there was no turning back.

Qi Yanxi drove all the way back home and the entire time, he kept telling himself: sleep well tonight. For tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the many days to come after that, he would have to prepare for battle.

As soon as he stopped outside his house, a man came out of the shadows and kicked his precious sports car.

“Shit! What’s your problem?!” Qi Yanxi bristled and jumped out, roaring.

“Damn it! Where have you been?” the man cursed, then tossed a file at Qi Yanxi’s face. “This is the last time!”

In the headlights, Qi Yanxi saw Sheng Yize light a cigarette, then smoke it slowly, leaning on his car.

He quickly went through the file, which turned out to be Father Qi’s will.

It explicitly said that upon his death, all the shares under his name would be transferred to Qi Yanxi unconditionally.

With this file, no matter if the old man woke up or not, the rest of the Qi family had to think again before they tried anything on Qi Yanxi!

Qi Yanxi knew perfectly well that such an important document must have been stashed away by Lu He beforehand. He had no idea how Sheng Yize had gotten his hands on it.

He thumped Sheng Yize’s shoulder and said in a nasal voice, “Thanks!”

Sheng Yize glanced sideways at him. “I just didn’t want to see you go down so miserably.”

Qi Yanxi rolled his eyes, snatched the cigarette from Sheng Yize’s hand, and took a few long drags.

Sheng Yize kicked him in the ass. “What’s wrong with you? Get a new one! Why do you take my half-smoked ones all the time?!”

“I’m so handsome! What do you have to lose?”

The two then smiled at each other and cursed, but the old grudge had vanished.

We’re cool and that’s that.