Chapter 501: You’re My Sister, I’m Your Brother

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In this peaceful atmosphere, Qi Yanxi’s phone began to ring again.

Bad news had been flowing in constantly for the past few days, but not this time. It was actually great news for Qi Yanxi.

Father Qi had woken up.

Qi Yanxi took a deep breath, bade Sheng Yize farewell, and set off for the hospital.

His old man had been awake for a while when he got there, and the assistant filled him in on recent developments. Lu He, on the other hand, stood shivering by the bed.

She had nearly succeeded, but the old master just happened to wake up…

“I’m very disappointed in you.” Father Qi gave Lu He a brooding look, sounding exhausted.

Lu He burst into tears. “Master… it was all a misunderstanding… I could never bring myself to do such things. They’re slandering me…”

The assistant gave her a cold glance before turning his gaze to Qi Yanxi. He said in a low voice, “Master, the young master is here.”

Father Qi looked toward the door. Qi Yanxi clenched his fists and slowly walked in.

Father Qi called his name quietly. “Yanxi…”

Qi Yanxi swayed. After all these years, this was probably the first time Father Qi had addressed him like this.

He raised the file in his hand and looked away awkwardly. “I found this.”

At the sight of that will, Lu He’s face turned livid and she fell into a heap on the floor.

Qi Yanxi looked at the old man, who returned his gaze. Their eyes met, but in the end, Qi Yanxi was the first to look away. He said in a muffled voice, “Get well soon.”

He left after those words.

Cloudy tears welled up in Father Qi’s eyes. His illness seemed to have greatly enlightened him and he began to feel ashamed and uneasy about the way he used to treat his young son.

Lu He couldn’t live with that and said through her clenched teeth, “Master, that’s so unfair! Ah Yue is just as much your son as him, but you only left your shares to Qi Yanxi! Have you ever thought how my son and I would feel?!”

Father Qi smiled sarcastically, feeling utterly desolate.

The assistant couldn’t stand it anymore and said coldly, “Ma’am, you only know that Master left his shares to his younger son, but there is another half to Master’s will, which is that he left all the properties, antiques, and other collections under his name to you and his older son.”

Lu He shifted uneasily. The Qi family had a long history. Any random inheritance piece would be worth a fortune…

Master Qi had never forgotten what she wanted…

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

The following day, Qixia High.

Everyone was talking about the Qi family today. After the market opened that morning, the Qi Group’s stock price spiked. By the afternoon, it had reached the upper limit!

Qi Yanxi strolled onto school grounds in his usual slovenly manner; it was only that he was in much higher spirits now.

Kicking his chair out from his desk, he sat down and shook his leg. As expected, An Xiaxia arrived later, still rubbing her eyes.

Pinching her cheek, he rested his chin on his palm and said cockily, “Call me ‘brother.’”

“What brother…” An Xiaxia brushed his hand off in confusion. Qi Yanxi darted Sheng Yize a look and smiled. “You’re my sister and I’m your brother. What’s wrong with asking you to greet me?”

She pursed her lips and ignored his ridiculous theory. However, he then tossed a bottle of milk at Sheng Yize, who then threw Qi Yanxi a sandwich in return.

An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide. Did that interaction suggest that… they’d made up?!