Chapter 502: An Impure, Indecent, and Illegitimate Relationship

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“You two have finally… developed a bromance!” An Xiaxia finally found the right words after much consideration.

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi exchanged a look, both feeling speechless. They then took back what they had just given each other.

“I don’t do bromance,” the two said in unison.

This synchronized move only made An Xiaxia give them a “speak no more, I feel you” look.

Sheng Yize couldn’t help but give her head a knock. “When will your memory come back? I’m taking you to the hospital this week! How many times do I have to tell you, the relationship between me and him is pure, decent, and legitimate!”

An Xiaxia rubbed her head, looking pitiful. “Are you saying that the relationship between you and me is impure, indecent, and illegitimate…?”

Sob … that couldn’t be.

Pfft —

Qi Yanxi couldn’t help but burst into laughter, while grimacing at Sheng Yize with a look that said, “Your girlfriend is such a dummy.”

Sheng Yize rolled his eyes at Qi Yanxi.

He had found this girlfriend himself… and he would keep loving her regardless of how dumb she might be…

After the banter, Qi Yanxi felt the frustration of the past few days ease a little. It was only that when he smiled, it looked rather bitter.

He had given up. Rather than try to claim An Xiaxia for his own, he’d rather that the girl he liked being with someone she loved herself.

He didn’t want to force her into his arms anymore. Instead, he wanted her to get what she wanted.

After school, Su Xiaomo and An Xiaxia went back home together.

The bus was less crowded today and they managed to grab two seats together in the back row. After happily exchanging some gossip, the subject switched to their love life.

An Xiaxia held her cheeks in her palms. “I still feel like I stumbled onto this boyfriend, teehee…”

Su Xiaomo was speechless. Patting An Xiaxia’s shoulder, she said, “Poor kid. I see you still haven’t gotten your memory back.”

She knew little about An Xiaxia’s past, but both she and Kang Jian knew about An Xiaxia’s adoption; it was just that they never mentioned it in front of her.

She had also heard a little about the abusive life An Xiaxia had once lived. Hence, she had always tried to protect her best friend from any possible harm.

“Momo, am I being a bad person like this?” An Xiaxia was perturbed.

Su Xiaomo chuckled. “No, your happiness is the most important thing. No matter how dumb you are, we’ll love you and laugh at you all the same!”

“…” An Xiaxia asked in frustration, “Are you trying to comfort me at all?”

“Hahaha!” Su Xiaomo guffawed mercilessly. All of a sudden, something seemed to strike her and she turned all bashful. She even tugged at An Xiaxia’s finger gently and whispered into her ear.

An Xiaxia was elated at what she heard and asked in disbelief, “Really? You’re going on a date with Cutie He?! Momo, you’re awesome! You finally got your hands on Cutie He!”

Instead of receiving the praise like a man, Su Xiaomo lowered her head and smiled. There was a shyness to her that was typical of girls in love.

That weekend, Su Xiaomo got up very early. She washed her hair, carefully picked out her outfit, and put on some makeup with clumsy fingers. After that, she got on an electric bicycle and headed for her destination — Yu City Library.

However, there was a road being repaired near the library and it was a windy day. When she finally reached the library, her smooth and clean hair from that morning was sticking to her face like dry twigs. She looked like a psycho.

He Jiayu was noticeably taken aback when he saw her like that. Without comment, he took her straight to… a hair salon!